Ghar wapsi must to stop religious conversion: VHP

51081240LUCKNOW: At a time when ideological differences have taken a worrisome turn especially on social media platform over JNU issue, Rashtriya Swayemsewak Sangh general secretary advocated for strengthening ideology if better compilation of work has to be achieved. RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi was camping in Lucknow for a three-day shakha organisers’ event.
At Ayodhya, Vishwa Hindu Parishad central secretary and all India religion publicity chief Jugul Kishore categorically advocated for the necessity of ‘ghar wapsi’ to ward off the threat arising out of religious conversion. Conversion is a threat to the nation for which the whole Hindu society should unite and hit back as it is the battle for survival, Jugul Kishore further said.
Kishore was addressing the VHP office-bearers from the rural areas of Faizabad, Ambedkarnagar, Barabanki and Ramsanehi Ghat at Karsewakpuram. Interestingly, Kishore admitted that atmosphere of intolerance and instability was prevailing in the country. However, he put the blame for the same on “secularism.” Anti-national elements who want to destablise nationalists are behind JNU incident, Bengal issue or reservation stir in Haryana, Kishore further said and added: “History says that Jaichands have been always active to divide the country.”
At Lucknow, Bhaiyyaji Joshi also stressed upon the unity of Hindus and added that if the society has to move forward, the people will have to rise above caste discrimination and think about Hindus.

The three-day event that began on February 19, concluded on Sunday with the address by Bhaiyyaji Joshi.

Source: The Times of India