[GHHF] How to make Bharath a Hindu Rashtra by “Hindu Voice”

How to make Bharath a Hindu Rashtra by “Hindu Voice.”
GHHF is very happy to endorse the letter that was sent to Sri Narendra Modi and support all the points written by Sri Deivamuthu to make Bharath a Hindu Rashtra. This is a very powerful, thought out letter containing numerous points highlighting the richness of Sanatana Dharma. To preserve the ideals of Vasudaika Kutumbum and embrace the inclusive philosophy, not exclusive, that brings all people together irrespective of religion, caste and creed. Contribution to humanity through science, morals, ethics, art, philosophy, yoga, meditation, scriptures, and ahimsa addressed by Hindus is unparalleled in the annals of history. We have to revers the course of action that was hateful to Hindutva must be reversed. It is high time that all Hindus express their views with one voice demanding the needed changes in the constitution where every citizen is given equal opportunities to contribute to their fullest to articulate the meritocracy to take Bharath to highest levels of human achievement. All barriers such as minority reservations, article 370, article 28, minority educational institutions, atrocities act, dowry act, school curriculum and others that impede the progress must be removed to make the way for unbridled freedom to flower.
            We print the letter of Sri P. Deivamuthu as was sent to the Prime Minister.
GHHF Core Team
My Letter to PM on Simple ways to Hinduise Bharat
P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice
(This letter was sent by Speed Post on 28th May 2014)

27th May 2014
Shri Narendra ModiJi
Prime Minister of India
Gujarat Bhavan, New Delhi 110001

Dear Prime Minister, Modiji, Pranaam.

Sub: Simple ways to Hinduise Bharat

At the outset, let me congratulate you for leading the BJP to a grand victory, and becoming the first non-Congress Prime Minister of our nation with a clear majority. Your oath taking ceremony on 26th May was indeed grandeur, with the presence of many Hindu saints and RSS leaders.

Hindu Voice, a Monthly in English and Hindi, is not unknown to you. Directorate of Information, Govt. of Gujarat, is a Life Member of Hindu Voice. Copies are also posted to you personally. You have also conveyed your Best Wishes to Hindu Voice, many years ago, vide your letter dated 7th March 2003.

Hindu Voice has special relationship with Gujarat. It was launched in April 2002, in memory of the 58 Karsevaks burnt alive at Godhra on 27th Feb. 2002. Hindu Voice has been consistently campaigning for making you the PM candidate. In fact, in my editorial in Hindu Voice as early as June 2008, I had pleaded that you be declared as the PM candidate for the 2009 parliamentary election itself. I am happy that this has happened in 2014 and because of that we have got our Second Independence.

As the Editor of Hindu Voice, I have been propagating that Hindutva (Hinduism) is Rashtriyatuva (Nationalism), and Hindutva is the only unifying factor of all Indians. Hindutva  encompasses everything humanity stands for, including secularism and democracy. Hindutva is not divisive; it is inclusive. I am sure that most of our Muslim and Christian brothers too will agree on this fact. By electing BJP and its allies overwhelmingly, the people have confirmed my stand. 

Therefore, more emphasis should be placed on Hindutva, so that our unity is further strengthened, and secularism and democracy thrive.
This will also be in accordance with our constitution. Our constitution bears the pictures of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Lord Natraj, Lord Mahavir, Lord Bhuddha, Vedic Yajna, Kurukshetra, GeetaUpadesh, Lanka Vijay and Sita Uddhar, etc. etc. Therefore, it is a Hindu Constitution. 

Our Constitution Makers too were well aware that the identity of our Nation is Hindu. Vedic slogans like ‘SatyamevaJayate’, ‘Satyam, Shivan, Sundaram’, ‘Dharma-Chakra-Pravartana’, etc. were used by various Govt. Depts. Because it is a Hindu Nation, they felt, India was, is and will always remain ‘secular’. Hence, they never felt the need for the word ‘secular’ in the preamble to our Constitution (which was inserted by Smt. Indira Gandhi during Emergency). Hindus, by nature, are secular, and Hinduism is perforce secularism. 

Here are a few more proofs that India is a Hindu nation – legally, spiritually and culturally. Indian Satellites are named Aryabhata, Baskara, Rohini, etc. Our missiles are named Agni, Prithvi, Akash, etc. Our war ships are named INS Vikrant, Viraat, Vikramatitya, Godavari, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Shivalik, Abhay, Sarayu, Sukanya, Varuna, Tarangini, etc. Our Submarines are named Sindhudhvaj, Sindhughosh, Sindhuratna, etc. Our battle tanks are named Arjun, Bhishma, Ajeya, etc. All the above names are associated with Hindu culture. If one enters into the BARC Complex at Trombay (Mumbai), one is pleasantly surprised to find that all the multi-storey buildings there are named Aruna, Varun, Godavari, Kaveri, Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Prayag, Narmada, etc. – all our sacred rivers.

However, the Nehruvian Congress had not only tried to hide these Hindu spiritual and cultural elements in our constitution, but had tried to drain the nation of its spiritualism and culture. It was trying to detach this nation from its Hindu roots and make India into an adharmic (dharma-nirpeksh) state. Hence it had spread a canard that Hinduism is communal and only minorities are secular, which led to divisiveness in the society. This anomaly has to be set right and the nation has to be brought to its Hindu moorings, which is its soul. 

Now that you have made India Congress-free and there is a radically transformed environment in the nation, there needs to be a paradigm shift in your Govt.’s approach towards ‘secularism’ and ‘communalism’, in letter and spirit. Your Govt. should recognise the spiritual and cultural sentiments of the people and our Constitution Makers, and hinduise Bharat. Muslims and Christians need not fear. There will be complete religious freedom in a Hinduised Bharat, but their loyalty to Bharat should be beyond doubt.

While development and good governance is important, which I am sure you will provide, the need for national integration is of paramount importance. Going to a Temple, Mosque or Church is a personal choice, but every one should be absolutely loyal to Mother India. We have had enough of Nehruvian Secularism and Macaulayism. Now, let the country get back to its civilisational roots. Hence, you should take the following steps to Hinduise Bharat.

Your Govt. should proclaim and propagate that (a) India was, is and will be a Hindu nation, citing the above examples, (b) Hindutva (Hinduism) is Nationalism (Rashtriyatva) and not communalism, as the Nehruvian Congress has made us to believe; (c) Hinduism is a Way of Life, as confirmed by our Supreme Court, and is not against any religion; (d) any act done in the name of Hinduism is not communal; It is just national, and conforms to our constitution, and (e) the survival of secularism and democracy, and the unity and integrity of India is directly related to the preservation and growth of Hinduism.

            The following simple methods will make India a truly Hindu nation – in other words more secular and democratic – without in any way altering the basic features of our Constitution.

1.     Print new currency notes and coins with the picture of “Maa Laxmi”, replacing Mahatma Gandhi’s picture. Hindus identify money with Devi Laxmi. So, befitting that sentiment, it is natural that MaaLaxmi’s picture should appear on all currency notes and coins. Withdraw all old notes. 

    The UPA Govt. had brought out coins embossing the picture of Sister Alphonsa, Cross, Vaishnav Devi. etc. So there is no legality involved in putting the picture of Maa Laxmi on currency notes. This will also solve the black money problem within the country. Also, the picture of Devi Laxmi will deter ISI from printing counterfeit notes in Pakistan.

2.     Make the slogans ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ compulsory for every citizen, to ensure their absolute loyalty to India – Indian first and Hindu, Muslim, Christian later. These were the slogans which kindled nationalist feelings amongst Indians and brought them together during our freedom movement. They unite all Indians, irrespective of their caste, creed, language, religion and region. 

    At the time of partition, BabasahebAmbedkar desired that there should be exchange of population – all Muslims must be sent to Pakistan – as Dr. Ambedkar knew that Islam and democracy can not co-exist. Dr. Rajendra Prasad desired that those Muslims who stayed back must be disenfranchised – no voting rights for Muslims.  While Babasaheb’s suggestions are time-barred, we can implement Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s suggestions and weed out those who say ‘I am a Muslim/Christian first, Indian later’. Any one refusing to say  ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ should be disenfranchised. The application form to enrol new voters should carry an undertaking to this effect. Also, these slogans should be made compulsory for every Govt.  employee.

3.     Make the singing of our National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana, and ending it with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ – compulsory for all candidates at the time of filing their nomination papers for MPs and MLAs.  If any one fails or refuses to sing Jana Gana Mana, ending it with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’, his nomination should be rejected. Otherwise, we cannot stop a Pervez Musharraf, Dawood Ibrahim or an Abu Salim from fighting election, and may even become the PM.

4.     Similarly, at the time of taking oath by MLAs, MPs, Ministers, CMs, PM, and President, they should say at the end ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’. Refusing to say so will disqualify him from holding that position.

5.     Ban the word ‘minority’. No where in the world, citizens are divided in to ‘minority’ and ‘majority’ on the basis of religion. (Are Hindus/Muslims settled in USA, UK, Canada, etc. called minorities there?) Our Constitution too prohibits the word ‘Religious minority’. In fact, it was a distort by our Nehruvian Congress with vote bank consideration. We are all Indians, with equal rights and duties. Going to a temple, mosque or church is one’s personal choice. 

6.     This will naturally bring us to the ‘National Minority Commission Act of 1992’ – an act meant to divide the Indian society. This act itself is unconstitutional. It ultra vires Article 15 (1) of our constitution. (“The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them”). It goes without saying that the appointment of the Sachchar Committee is also unconstitutional.

7.     Bring in an “Endangered Civilization Protection Act” to save Sanatan Hindu Dharm, Hindu civilization, Hindu practices, Hindu believes, Hindu scriptures, our heritage, culture and traditions, and to stop conversion.

8.     Give Moral Policing Powers to some of our Hindu Organisations. To protect villagers from Maoists, SalvaJudum was created, in Chttisgarh. Similarly, to protect and preserve Hindu Dharm, Believes, practices, scriptures, culture, tradition, etc. moral/cultural policing rights should be given to selected Hindu Organisations and Ashrams. Their members, working in tandem with the local police, should have the power to stop any one from demeaning or tarnishing Hindu Gods, Hindu Way of Life, Hindu culture, Hindu scriptures, etc., arrest them and hand them over to the Police for further action. They can also identify infiltrators and hand them over to the police for deportation.

9.     Make the lighting of our traditional lamp at every Govt. function compulsory. Any one refusing to light the lamp must be disqualified. Similarly, all Govt. offices should perform “SatyanarayanPooja”, once in a year. It is purely scientific as Yagna purifies the atmosphere.

10.     Bring a new law to declare any one as persona non grata, who intentionally – insults our National Anthem;  refuses to say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’; shouts Pakistan Jindabad; insults our security forces; burns our National flag; spews venom in the name of religion and castes; talks of dividing India; supports giving away any part of India; talks of human rights for terrorists; etc. Their voting rights and fundamental rights must be forfeited, and they be allowed to just subsist.

11.     All the criminals in jail, especially those arrested for terrorist activities, must be forced to do Yoga for one hour every day morning. They must also be given religious discourse every day evening for two hours, by different Hindu sadhus. This will reform 80% of the criminals.

12.     Remove all religious subsidy. No Islamic country gives subsidy to Haj. Giving subsidy to Haj and Jerusalem is against secularism. Also scrap all reservations on religious basis.

13.     Bring in Uniform Civil Code, with provisions that any one having more than one wife or more than three children will be debarred from standing for election.

14.     Ban Slaughter of Cow and its progeny, and give incentive to Cow Rearing (Go Palan). When a cow bears a calf, the person who maintains the cow should be given a lump sum as incentive.

15.     Give incentive to VedPatshalas and Sanskrit learning. Schools teaching Sanskrit and students learning Sanskrit should be given incentive. Incentive being given to Arab learning should be withdrawn. We do not want to spread Arab culture in India.

16.     Pave the way for building a magnificent Ram Temple in Ayodhya, and also for reconstructing temples in Mathura and Kashi.

17.     Vedic slogans like ‘SatyamevaJayate’, ‘Satyam, Shivan, Sundaram’, ‘Dharma-Chakra-Pravartana’, etc. must be restored with 
its original glory. Every govt. stationery should carry the slogan ‘SatyamevaJayate’. DD logo should include ‘Satyam, Shivan, Sundaram’, and the Chair of Lok Sabha speaker should bear ‘Dharma-Chakra-Pravartana’. All these vedic slogans were removed by the Nehruvian Congress.

18.     Review laws governing Hindus, which tries to destroy Hindu family institution. For example, the Domestic Violence Act, 2005, trivializes Hindu marriages as Civil Contracts and promotes live-in relationship. It also ridicules the spiritual and cultural significance and sacredness of Hindu marriages. We worship women as goddesses – Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga – and also Arthanareeshwar for giving half of his body to his spouse. Such a spiritualism and culture cannot be allowed to be hijacked in the name of women empowerment.

19.     Shiv Sena supremo late BalasahebThackrey and Shri Subhash Desai (present MLA, Goregaon, Mumbai) were debarred from voting for six years, for asking for votes in the name of Hindutva. Why no Muslim or Christian is similarly debarred for asking for votes in the name of Allah and Jesus Christ, which they wantonly do? This must be reversed. Asking for votes in the name of Hindutva or Hinduism is no offence, as it is a way of Life according to our Supreme Court. Conversely, Make asking for votes in the name of Allah and Jesus Christ an offence.

20.     Ban the use of Loudspeaker in Mosques and Churches. In a secular country claiming to respect all religions, shouting publicly that ‘There is no God except Allah’ and ‘Jesus is the only Saviour’ is preposterous.

21.    Your Govt should free Hindu Mandirs from govt. control. Also the Govt. should provide basic facilities at all Hindu Pilgrimage sites and River Ghats (such as Wash rooms, bahrooms, change rooms, etc.)

22.     Change the name of our Motherland to ‘Bharat’ by removing the ambiguity in the Constitution and the word ‘India’. Also, change names of all places and roads – like Allahabad, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Aurangzeb Road, St. Xavier Road, etc. – with that of our freedom fighters.

23.     Change the weekly holidays from Sunday to Monday or Tuesday. {The timing of presenting Indian budget in parliament was changed from5.30 pm (which was continued by the Nehruvian Congress, to suit Britishers) to 11.00 am by the NDA Govt.}.

24.     Change the school uniform of girl students – from Skirts (meant for Christian nuns) to Salvar-Kamis with Thuppatta.

After winning the elections, your visiting Kashi and performing pooja and Ganga Aarthi there (on 17th May) proudly sporting the sacred ash and tilak on your forehead, in the full glare of the TV is indeed a bold message to the nation that you are a Hindu Nationalist. Your bowing before parliament and placing your forehead on its steps (on 20th May), exactly like Hindu devotees do before a entering temple, proves that you are showing the nation of its Hindu ethos. Please extend this further and Hinduise Bharat by implementing the above suggestions.

If you implement even some of my above suggestions during the first few years of your Prime Ministership, I am sure the entire nation will remain indebted to you. A Hinduised Bharat will vote for you to be its PM for at least another two terms.

Thanking you and wishing you a long inning as PM,

Yours, In the Services of Bharat Mata 

P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice.