GHHF Onslaught on Hindu faith by Anti-Hindu Destructive Pseudo Elites and Christian Missionaries

GHHF Onslaught on Hindu faith by Anti-Hindu Destructive Pseudo Elites and Christian Missionaries.
  • Thousands of years rich Mayan Culture completely erased by, replaced by Christianity in 16 th Century.
  • African culture eradicated and made Identity less by forced Christianity.
  • Native Americans in USA decimated by Invaders and settlers.

And now whose turn? 

Onslaught on Hindu faith and Indian Heritage, values and Culture by Anti Indian and Anti Hindu destructive Pseudo elites and missionaries.

Do we all stand still and watch total, systematic destruction of an authentic, most tolerant culture and faith which always teaches and promotes Dharma and tells every human is equal and everyone deserves love and respect, or we dare and courageous enough to standup for the truth and protect Hindu faith for the sake of whole humanity to promote sanity, equality, peace, love and prosperity to all humans in this insane world?

East India Company came to India for trade, then saw the natural resources and wealth, took over territories, spread the tentacles, established the army of 260,000, and by exercising the military power assumed the administrative function, and took direct control over the Indian Subcontinent in the form of the new British Raj by 1806. For those thugs Indians were slaves, their culture and heritage was nothing more than a poor man’s identity. and Hindu gods were demons for those with intolerance to other faiths, they robed the nation, emptied the centuries old wealth and traditions and converted as many Innocent Hindus as possible with Money, force and merely by giving government position s. One of the many evidences of these forced conversions and religious theft and vandalism can be found in Mahatma Gandhi’s book ” The story of my experiments with Truth”. He wrote ” Christian missionaries stand in the corners of High schools, pouring abuse on Hindus and their gods. I heard a well-known Hindu converted to Christianity. He was baptized, had to eat beef and drink liquor and had to wear different clothing. And then I heard that the new convert had already begun abusing the religion of his ancestors, their customs and their country. All these things created in me a dislike to Christianity”. This is Gandhi ji autobiography you can all read and confirm.

By the time British left India, they caused enough religious and indigenous cultural destruction in Tamil Nadu, west Bengal, Goa, Kerala and many other states by pouring money which was robbed from India itself in to Christian missionaries, but Hinduism is such a strong faith they did not have expected impact compared to Mayan, African, Roman and Native American faiths and customs. Therefore, foreign funded missionaries and NGOs have heavily concentrated on conversions by money, creating fear, and by taking many Indian peoples innocence as a main advantage in the last few decades.

And Now for the last few decades and more so in the last few years we are seeing the most destructive forces for national security and mainly to Hindu faith and culture by self-proclaimed ‘secularists” NGO and converted pseudo elites who have hatred for the nationality and Hinduism. They are funded well by Christian missionaries and their goal is to create unrest in the country, create disrespect to Hindu faith and thereby , forcing more conversions.

One such Virus right now is Kancha Ilaiah, a ” political theorist .He is a converted Christian and spills venom relentlessly on Hinduism, Hindu culture and all sections population of Hindu religion.

If he wants to be a Christian and so be it, that is his choice, no one is interested to make him change his religion back to where he came from, but he simply does not limit his faith for his life, his mission is to create hatred and disrespect to Hinduism by writing books  He wrote such negative books like,  Why I am not a Hindu 1996, Buffalo nationalism 2004, Post Hindu India: A discovery 2009.  Now he is writing books on sections of Hindus like VYSHYAS, insulting and demonizing them. Who gave this thug that right to comment on other people’s belief and faiths? This coward studied in schools built and funded by Hindus, taught by Hindus, 70% of his salary is paid by Hindus and because of Hindus he has a job. But he intentionally ignores that fact Why he wrote these books one can easily come to know, because his mission is – Ideological theft, forceful brainwash, it is Religious bigotry divide and rule, sell India / Bharat back to Christian missionaries / British/ whoever, other than Hindu.

This Hypocrite, Back stabber, anti-national has sold his soul and himself to steal and sell Indian heritage and security to foreign agents and missionaries.

This Traitor, Desadhrohi Ilaigh, and many more like him are dangerous to India, Hindus and India’s Heritage. He is planning to take India back and give back to East India company and make us slaves – religiously, spiritually, humanly and economically. He is a sophisticated cultural thief and a religious terrorist, he is a proxy for foreign funded Christian missionaries, he and many others like him, are here to wipe out our rich heritage, our Hindu Dharma and our great India. Let us prosecute him and many more like him, let us send them to jail.  Please watch and read about Swami Paripoornananda’sbattle against these demons, watch his recent activities to Re-establish Dharma and save INDIA from these Thugs. Follow Bhaarat Today TV programs, Paripoornananda Swami facebook & Bhaarat Today facebook for updates and to check how you can contribute. Please voice your support and involve in supporting Dharma.  Wake up and join this movement to free up the India from these evil Missionaries and their conversions. Religious conversion is an act of philosophical and Ideological and religious terrorism, must be stopped, punished and eradicated.

NOTE: My apologies to all my Christian friends with Good faith, this is not to disrespect your belief and faith. This message is for those destructive groups and to awaken my All Indian nationalistic brothers and sisters.

Thank you for standing for the Truth
Sankar A.

Source: GHHF