GHHF petition seeks removal of posters denigrating Hindu beliefs from the Dairy Queen in Texas

[GHHF] PETITION: Remove the posters denigrating Hindu beliefs from the Dairy Queen in Kemah, TX
TO: Mr. John P Gainor, Jr.
      CEO Dairy Queen
This petition is addressed to Mr. John P. Gainor Jr., the CEO Dairy Queen (DQ) chain of restaurants. One of his franchisees, one Mr. Mohammad Dar, a Muslim U.S citizen of Pakistani origin started displaying absolutely reprehensible sign posts and messages on his DQ business property. These are ugly and untowardly posters messages denigrating and insulting Hindu beliefs put up at a Dairy Queen in Kemah, Texas. On the message board which says “Obey, preserve the constitution of the USA, not Monkeyism of the Dark Ages”. The Monkeyism being a specific reference to Hinduism as it is clear from various press reports and interviews the Mr.Dar has unapologetically given out. There are almost a BILLION human beings in the world who identify with the Hindu set of beliefs. This is an unprovoked attack against a peace-loving and hard-working community that stands for pluralism of beliefs and freedom of expression. Hindus will not stand for hate-mongering and insults against their religion. This is the kind of hate-mongering that escalates into acts of terrorism and genocide.

We want Mr. Gainer to cancel the franchise license of Mr. Mohammad Dar, and impose penalties against him. We request all sane-minded people to support this petition. Thank you.


Source: GHHF