GHRD appeal to rescue Kajal Bheel in Pakistan by singing petition


Please sing the petition being forwarded by GHRD at the given below link to save Kajal Bheel in Pakistan. Also, forward the same petition to your network to get it signed and show our solidarity with her.

This has been written by GHRD with regard to the case of Kajal Bheel. Kajal, who was abducted, forcefully married and religiously converted a 12 old and therefore a minor. 
Due to a corrupt system in Pakistan, she was forced to have a medical exam which is claiming that she is 17 years old. According to Sharia law (that the court is now applying), she is considered to be an adult. This would make the marriage and religious conversion legal, despite that she is a minor. 
Kajal is currently with her perpetrators. GHRD is actively working to get Kajal back with our petition #SaveKajal . GHRD has already reached 500 signatures. However, 5000 signatures is needed by Kajal’s next court hearing which is on December the 4th. 
We now need your help with spreading the word about Kajal and would like to encourage you to sign and share the petition using the


hashtag #SaveKajal . 

You can read more about the case and sign the petition here:
Source: WHN Media Network