Gigantic World Hindu Congress -2014 integrates 1500 Hindu Delegates from 50 countries

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New Delhi, India (Nov 22 -24, 2014): World Hindu Congress 2014 was completed successfully with more than 1600 Hindu leaders from 50 countries participating. The mammoth congress had seven conference agendas, 45 sessions, 1500 delegates and 200 speakers from 50 countries. The conference reverberated the Hindu resurgence globally and enabled Hindu leaders and representatives from across the globe to share solution models for Hindu social, political, youth, women, business and media requiremnets. The conference was held at Ashoka Hotel New Delhi under World Hindu Foundation (WHF). Swami Vigyanananda, president of World Hindu Foundation (WHF), thanked all participants and wished all the best of learning and development from World Hindu Congress 2014. The next World Hindu Congress 2018 is planned in United States under the stewardship of Dr. Abhaya Asthana. Various senior Hindu leaders from Hindu society addressed the inaugural ceremony such as Mohan Bhagawat (RSS Chief), Bhaiyaji Joshi (Jt. Gen Secretary RSS), Ashok Singhal (VHP President). More than 1600+ audience gave a thunderous applaud on Ashok Singhal speech note that “after the era of Chandragupt, it’s the first time that Delhi is being ruled by nationalist Hindus”.


The mammoth conference was one of its kind in terms of magnitude, participation, international and national scope and agenda. The presentations of speakers will help Hindu society develop solutions and help each other internationally for global Hindu empowerment.


Reported & Edited by Rahul Chandra, N American Bureau Chief, WHN