Global Hindu Empowerment Forum Strongly Condemns Twitter A/C Suspension Of @iSonamMahajan

PR Date: 15 Feb 2014
Communication Code: PR\GHEP\02142017\India\Twitter\HinduBias

Global Hindu Empowerment Programs (GHEP) strongly condemns the recurring double time suspension of eminent Hindu blogger Sonam Mahajan’s Twitter accounts @iSonamMahajan & @AsYouNotWish by Twitter India authorities. Twitter USA divisions are in past have syndicated with US and European / Saudi intelligence agencies to broadcast popular uprisings like Arab Springs etc. to favour Geo Political interests of host countries, but in India Twitter is suppressing Hindu renaissance by popularist bloggers like Sonam Mahajan. This utter biasness and selective targeting to establish a ‘role model’ punishment ideology of imbibing fear and insecurity among Hindu Tweeters will only lead Twitter operations in India to a bleak future. In past during the 2014 political campaign of the now Indian PM Narendra Modi, Twitter India exhibited similar bias against Hindu nationalist groups and leaders and suspended multiple Twitter handles. Such targeted political activism by a $18 billion Silicon Valley company is not at all appreciated. Such rowdy actions are against the philosophy of Twitter investors, directors and Co-founder Mr. Ev Williams, Mr. Jack Dorsey who are symbols of courage and intellect for the rest of the world in furthering voices of human right causes. Their Twitter India chief and associates are acting on behest of vested interests, personally taking interest in suspending popular Twitter handles like @iSonamMahajan & @AsYouNotWish, which is very unprincipled and is against the ethics and work code set by its founders for ‘consumers’who we are. A colossal failure of corporate social responsibility.

You are upsetting and suppressing free Hindu voice on your web platform which is on record, this is the same generation which will govern and rule India in upcoming decade and they are the enlighten one. Nationalist Hindus appreciates your technology, your platform but your India team actions, motivated by their own vested interests have damaged your reputation as an unprejudiced company. Twitter India is functioning like ‘Mafia Of Gangsters’ attacking one Indian nationalist Twitter handle time after time.

Our office demands three actions items:

  1. Reinstate the Twitter handle @iSonamMahajan & @AsYouNotWish in next 48 hours.
  2. Replace and appoint a qualified person for Twitter India operations who is non biased for Hindus.
  3. Incorporate non biased work philosophy for Hindus and Hinduism, appreciate and understand the voices which are working to regain India’s glory.

Looking forward to your co-operation and understanding.

Global Hindu Empowerment Forum manages and operates a multitude of Hindu, Hinduism religious, social and political programs in India and America.


Source: Global Hindu Empowerment Forum