Global Hindu Foundation To Launch Hindu News Digital Media In Hindi

Dallas, USA

May 25, 2017

In it’s bi annual board meeting, the leadership of Global Hindu Foundation , a not for profit , non partisan entity in United States have sealed the authorization of another Hindu  digital news media portal, this portal will be in Hindi language to cater the Hindi speaking, reading and writing diaspora of Hindus.

Global Hindu Foundation led World Hindu News program has been a brilliant success worldwide with three years of non stop publications of world wide news on Hindus. Like  World Hindu News, the Hindi Hindu digital news portal will be operated from United States legally and operationally from it’s offshore bases in South Africa, Mexico and India. World Hindu News is now worlds leader in readership, email subscription and the amount of news it broadcast and supports hundreds of Hindu organizations news media requirements worldwide.

The Editor In Chief, Editorial Team and launch inauguration ceremony details is yet to be planned and decided. The entity, trademark, patents, publishing and legal rights will be set up in USA soon. GHF board will govern the appointments of functionaries and overall philosophy of the program.

In his talks with GHF board, Mr. Rahul Chandra, Executive Editor of World Hindu News said “I foresee an immense potential in Hindi based digital news media for Hindus and Hinduism, every day , we receive requests from Hindi writers and authors for publications and press release of many India based Hindu organizations in Hindi language, since  World Hindu News is English based, we are not able to publish their content, Hindi digital media portal will fill this gap”

GHF ideologue , Mr Rajiv Varma said “Very optimistic that Hindi news portal will have immense readership esp. in northern belts of India and worldwide Hindi news reading diaspora, more digital newspapers for Hindu news in other Indic languages are required for Hindu empowerment”

The Hindi digital media portal will leverage existing technology set up of World Hindu News with number of online email news letter subscribers exceeding 75K worldwide.

The program will leverage social media platforms, Whats App etc. and other micro blogging websites to gather news and publishing.

Press release: GHF Board X1 2017