“Global Webinar on Karma” – Swami Nithyananda

Hello Ma Prema,
We’re excited to announce two important dates for you to save on your calendar for something that will create a HUGE positive transformation in your life.   World-renowned enlightened spiritual master Nithyananda will be conducting these programs as part of his world mission to spread Consciousness and Enlightenment to the planet. 
Karma Webinar
On Aug 2nd Worldwide LIVE online webinar:   Secrets of Karma Revealed   Learn the truth about Karma, Fate, Destiny & Free Will in  your life.
A profound and life-changing webinar on one of the most secret, mystical, and misunderstood subjects of all time. What makes this webinar so special is that you will get to hear about this ancient topic from someone  actually qualified to speak about it clearly.  Swamiji, having achieved Enlightenment at the age of 12, and experienced transcending illusion and  merging with Universal Consciousness just 10 years later, will share about Karma directly from his Enlightened wisdom and perception of reality as it is.        
What Swamiji will be sharing with us on the webinar:
  • What are the different types of Karma which are affecting you RIGHT NOW?  
  • How the right understanding of Karma can help free yourself from binding patterns. 
  • How is your Karma related to the purpose of your life?
  • Is there such a thing as  “good karma” or “bad karma” ? 
  • Can your Karma be changed?

This is a very rare opportunity and a global event that will be attended by thousands around the world, we truly hope you get the chance to attend.

When:Aug 2nd USA 9:30pm EST / 6:30pm PST    Aug 1st  INDIA 7:00am IST
Nithya Kriya Yoga
  On Aug 14,15,16th   Guided Weekend Meditation Workshop To Change the Blueprint of Your Life  to Cleanse and Purify your Energy Bodies  Guided live by Swami Nithyananda.   This program looks at our deepest beliefs about ourselves, which even without our knowledge keep us from experiencing even more success in life. This program is for anyone who is looking to breakthrough to even more success and fulfillment in their life.     >> Click Here << to register for the “Nithya Kriya Yoga” meditation program  

  • Learn to cleanse the 5 Energy Layers which cover your true essence, or soul. 
  • Each layer is responsible for a different type of pain or suffering which we go through.
  • Experience what it’s like to guided by an Enlightened Master as you cleanse each layer.
  • Start living in freedom from the past to own your full potential! 

  In this BRAND NEW weekend program, you will redefine how you look at yourself, and be guided by living enlightened spiritual master Paramahamsa Nithyananda to overcome: 

  • Self limiting beliefs holding you back in all areas of life 
  • Guilts due to social conditioning 
  • Past traumas and pains 
  • Any kind of fear, especially fear of death 
  • Unconscious conflicting desires 
  • Guilts due to social conditioning 
  • Deep unconscious patterns which make you feel unworthy of love and happiness
Happening in a city near you LIVE: North America time zones: 3 consecutive evenings, Aug 14, 15, 16th – USA 8:30pm -1am EST / 5:30pm – 11:30pm PST
   Aug 15,16,17th- INDIA 6.00am  – 12noon
Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
Source: WHN Media Network