Governor of Maharashtra releases world-acclaimed book, entitled ‘Great minds on India (Marathi edition) authored by Salil Gewali

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WHN: A world-acclaimed book*, entitled *’Great minds on INDIA’ (Marathi edition) —- *authored by a Northeast-based writer Shri Salil Gewali has been jointly launched yesterday by the Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra Shri Ch. Vidyasagar Rao and the Education Minister Shri Vinod Tawde at Raj Bhawan in Mumbai. The function was attended by several dignitaries and renowned scholars including the Joint Commissioner of Police Shri VV Laxminarayan, the former president of Reliance Industries D. Murali, et al.

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The Governor applauded Mr Gewali’s research work and said that hardly a few Indians are aware of the fact that a galaxy of western giants were also inspired by the ancient wisdom of India. Through this book the whole world will know the contribution of India in the development of modern academia and philosophy. The Education Minister in his speech remarked that this eye-opening book by Mr Gewali will inform and inspire us all about how those greatest scholars from the West discovered the wealth of wisdom in the ancient literature which we have hardly acknowledged.


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A research-based book of quotations assiduously pieced together by Mr. Gewali since 1988 is highly commendable that strives to highlight how the celebrated scientists, thinkers, writers, poets, statesmen such as – *William Wordsworth, Friedrich Hegel, Voltaire, Johann Goethe, Ralph Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Werner Heisenberg* — a co-founder of Quantum Physics, *T. S. Eliot, HG Wells, Mark Twain, Bernard Shaw, Erwin Schrodinger *– father of Quantum mechanics, *Carl Jung*, *William Butler Yeats, *got their intellectuals nourishment from the ancient literature of INDIA. The compilation has long been drawing the attention of many eminent writers and scholars from across the world. A note NASA scientist, Dr. AV Murali is the Chief Editor of the Book.


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A US scholar *Ms Sherrie Lake *(Texas) claims –*”Great minds on India?”**is extremely enlightening. This book has inspired me to learn more about India and her precious treasures of knowledge which are universal! Following the ancient wisdom I am on the right path and I am also proud to be a representative of the Universe now (not US, Texas), the idea I learnt from the ancient texts of INDIA’’. *M Sherrie is an ardent follower of the classical of India.

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In the book, the world-famous Irish poet, dramatist, and recipient of Nobel Prize, William Butler Yeats asserts –‘*It was only my first meeting with the Indian philosophy that confirmed my vague speculations and seemed at once logical and boundless.’*

The Marathi edition has been translated by a noted Marathi scholar Smti Deepa Joshi and edited by the former Additional Chief Secretary Smt. Leena Mehendale. Gewali’s book has already been rendered into *Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada and Nepali*


Source: World Hindu News (WHN)