Guidance by Shri. Suresh Chavhanke of Sudarshan TV channel at 3rd Hindu Convention

Bharat is the only Rashtra in the world where the majority community, that is, Hindus are branded as terrorists. Television channels brand Hindus as terrorists and we Hindus remain just mute spectators to this. The forces which are trying to destroy Bharat are united, whereas the forces who are aiming for the betterment of the Rashtra are all scattered. This is puzzling. Hindus should first and foremost become united. On any discussion on television channels related to the problems of Hindus, no two Hindus share similar veiws. This is very unfortunate. The media has spotted this defect in Hindus. So, either Hindus are not called for discussion on these channels or they are insulted, if called. These were the views put forward by Shri. Suresh Chavhanke, Director of Sudarshan television channel. He was speaking on the topic of developing good speakers who can debate on the matters related to Rashtra and Dharma on these media channels.

Consider anti-Hindu debates on television channels as war.

It is our false belief that the anti-Hindu debates on some media channels are a medium of education and entertainment. As Hindus do not oppose such programs, they are aired by these channels. So, look at these debates as war. Every Hindu must participate in this war like a soldier.

Hindus, do not remain indifferent towards your Dharma!

There are in all around 2000 guest panels on news channels. However there is not a single panel for deciding the topics related to Hindu Dharma. This is because of the indifferent attitude of Hindus. Many Hindu organisations do tremendous work for Hindus, but they do not want propaganda. Due to this attitude, the news channels never think about them. It is necessary that Hindus should volunteer to enter such debates on the news channels for the defence of Hindu Dharma. Hence, Hindus should readily participate in these television programs.

Develop such capability that news channels themselves invite you for such debates!

Hindus should develop such capability in themselves, that news channels themselves invite Hindus for debate programs. For this, it is necessary that the work done by pro-Hindu organisations reaches these news channels.

There should be a spokesperson in every Hindu organisation!

Even the smallest of churches indulge in great propaganda. This is because they appoint spokesperson for the same. Similarly, each and every Hindu organisation too should appoint a spokesperson and inform the news channels about their spokesperson. There should be spokespersons capable of debating on different topics. Also, send letters all National and regional news channels telling them about your willingness to participate in any debate or discussion related to Hindu Dharma. This will show our alertness and only then will such news channels take us into account. Hindus should shirk off this inferiority complex and should participate readily in these debate programs. For this it is necessary to be well educated about our Dharma.


  • Free training for participating in news programs as spokesperson!
  • ‘Sudarshan Media Academy will give free training for those willing to participating in news programs as spokesperson. Those who cannot come to Delhi for the training will be traines via E-learning’, said Shri.Chavhanke.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti