Happy Guru Nanak Birthday

Dear All

Greetings for Guru Nanik Birthday…



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Sukh Vele Shukraney   (Be thankful when everything is fine).

Dukh Vele Ardas   (During the difficult times, Pray)

Har Vele Simran   (Always Meditate on HIM by reciting Satnam–Sri Waheguru)


The Power of Devotion – some eye-opening facts:

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The spectacular Golden Temple of Amritsar


For a moment, if one pushes the religious fact aside, 

it is no ordinary feat to serve a meal to thousands of people in a day and that too round-the-clock.

Forty to fifty thousand people, on an average, partake of langar every day at Harmandar Sahib. 

 Serving such a huge gathering is not an easy task. But,

the devotion and selfless service of the sewadars makes the job simple


The Langar represents Equality among mankind
With Best Wishes,

Lal  & Kavita Motw

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)