Health Care in Rural India (HFRI) “Pre-Medical Internship Initiative” By Dr. ​Veena Gandhi


The vastness of rural India provides many opportunities to learn and fathoms innumerable medical conditions & lifestyle analysis opportunities, including the atmospheric, economic and cultural impacts on the health. HFRI has successfully completed its first “Medical Internship Initiative”, by taking nine pre­ medical students from various colleges across the United States to India, exposing them to Indian medical system, common tropical and non ­tropical diseases, village health, exposure to Yoga and its impact on physical, mental and medical diseases, cultural exposure and spiritual uplifting. It is a fabulous experience.


Now, as we enter into 2016, HFRI is ready to offer this program again for 2016- ‘17.

Kindly review the website for the details for internship program.

If there is any question, do not hesitate to call Dr Veena S Gandhi, 856 435 9148, Dinesh Modh, 516 935 0002 or Dr Hasmukh Shah at 815 441 0559.

Students will be selected on first come first serve basis.


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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)