HGH (E-Newsletter) Shraddanjali Meeting, Indian History in Textbooks, Rath Yatra

(E-Newsletter) Shraddanjali Meeting, Indian History in Textbooks, Rath Yatra
Hindus of Greater Houston and India House request you and your organization’s representative to be a part of the Shraddhanjali Meeting this Sunday (Tomorrow, June 29, 2014) at “India House” (8888 West Bellfort Houston, TX 77031) from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM to pay our respects to the Hindu families from ISSO Swaminarayan Mandir who passed away in a fatal car accident last Sunday night.Please see this news-link for details of this unfortunate loss to our community in Houston:
We will also pray for the speedy and complete recovery of the three dozen Jain devotees’ families who were injured in the floor collapse in Katy during a puja on Thursday evening.Please see this news-link for details of this unfortunate accident in Katy:
 For more information of the Shraddanjali Meeting, please contact:

Sharad Amin: 713-854-0633

Padmakant Khambati: 281-459-0866



Arsha Vidya Satsanga, Houston
Misportrayal of History of IndiaA Case Study: SATI 
Saturday, June 28 th, 2014 – 3 pm to 5 pm
@ India House
 (8888 West Bellfort Ave, Houston, Texas 77031)

Arsha Vidya Satsanga (AVS) aims to re-establish the cultural self-identity of, and reinstate cognitive independence and agency (or the capacity to define one’s world) of the people following Sanatana Dharma, accomplished through the study of the Vedas, Allied Texts, Sanskrit, Child Education and Indian History.

Indian History Awareness and Research (IHAR) is an initiative of AVS that supports and promotes research into Indian History, Dharmic traditions and modern issues that influence their understanding and practice in a globalized world.


Why should Indians in Texas care what the textbook says?

Most Indians are marginally aware, if at all, of (the practice of) Sati in ancient India. As such, they conclude, it should be relegated to the fringes of any story about Indian civilization and too insignificant to have a place in the grand narrative of Indian history. But a commonly used 10th grade text book in Texas finds the topic of Sati,among others, to be disproportionately important to the brief narrative it has of Indian history.


Is the portrayal of Sati in the textbook accurate and balanced?

What the book says of Indian culture and Indian values will influence how Indian children feel about themselves and their community, and how their peers, future bosses and decision makers see you, your children and India. It is of practical and immediate importance to you, your family and the Indian community.


Indians seem to be behind other communities in actively participating and ensuring that their civilizational narrative is well-balanced.


This first of its kind open discussion in the Houston Indian community aims to raise mutual awareness, to escalate issues, and to lay the groundwork for the community to take active ownership of the narrative about the portrayal of its own civilization.


Please attend and engage actively.




Dr. Bharath Srinivasan


Dr. Anjali Pinjala
Dr. Aparna Subramaniam
Dr. Bharath Srinivasan
Prof. Chitra Divakaruni
Dr. Subroto Gangopadhyay


Prof. Sarath Menon



Greater Houston Rath Yatra

On Saturday, June 28, 2014, Greater Houston Rath Yatra or “Festival of Chariots,” which originated thousands of years ago in Puri, India, will be celebrated at Discovery Green beginning at 6:00 p.m. This festival is about promoting the ideas of togetherness. Sponsored by Char Dham Hindu Temple of the Woodlands, the parade will spotlight three authentic hand-pulled wooden chariots. For the second time, the parade will celebrated on a grand scale at Discovery Green in Houston as it is traditionally done in India with three chariots. According to Dr. Sahoo, festivalgoers can help pull the chariots, get henna designs, and learn about mantra meditation, vegetarian cooking classes and more. The event is free and open to the public. For more information about this festival and last year festival at Discovery Green, please visit http://greaterhoustonrathyatra.org

Schedule Stage Program starts @ 6:00 pm, Chariots Parade 7:30 to 8:30 pm, Stage Program resumes until – 10:00 pm.

Chariot parade – we welcome everyone to pull the chariots by hand
Indian classical dance performance
Multicultural entertainment
Delicious vegan dinner
Activities for Kids

Submit your event at:http://www.hindusofhouston.org/submit-event/


Source: Via WHN Publisher