High Court chastises Tamilnadu politicians

Header VSK-TNKudos to Madras High Court judge Shri N Kirubakaran for his scathing attack on meanness of politicians.  He frowned upon hate politics in Tamilnadu while dismissing outright a petition by an AIADMK functionary alleging violation of code conduct by DMK treasurer Stalin during Lok Sabha elections.  That the complaint was that Stalin used a public convenience at Government Guest House while on election tour.  The Judge went hammer and tongs against such hate politics thus: “If a ruling party loses the elections, the outgoing Chief Minister neither participates in the official swearing-in function of the new government nor participates in the newly-constituted Assembly.” It is common knowledge in Tamilnadu that Jayalalitha does not attend the assembly when Karunanidhi occupies the CM’s chair and viceversa. (Visit following url for a detailed report of the verdict).
Vijayabharatham website launched
Vijayabharatham, Nationalist Tamil weekly being regularly published for the last 38 years has launched its website www.vijayabharatham.com on January 12, being the auspicious occasion of Vivekananda Jayanti. Nonagenarian RSS Pracharak Shri K Suriyanarayana Rao while formally launching the website observed that Vijayabharatham should keep abreast of fast changing communication modes in order to Tamil speaking diasporas in countries like Singapore, Malaysia etc.  He wished all the best for the success of the site.  Shri M Veerabahu, Editor of Vijayabharatham observed that it is a long pending demand from Tamil readers abroad and it is being fulfilled now.  The team working on the website indicated future additions to enrich the site. Shri Sethumadhavan, member, all India executive of RSS was also present.
When Tamilnadu Police could not discriminate between Cheese and Chalk!
It may be remembered that Tamilnadu police took a quirky decision of arresting on November 9, 2014 over 35,000 swayamsevaks in Sangh Ganavesh all over Tamilnadu blatantly flouting a High Court order which directed the police to permit the Pathasanchalan on that date.  The wisdom of the police became questionable when hundreds of CPI (M) men clad in police-like khaki full pants and red shirts were allowed scot free to go in a procession in several places in Tamilnadu on the occasion of the 21st State Conference of the party.  Social media took up this anomaly and cried foul.