HINDI GRANTH KARYALAY: 5 Classics by Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda
|| ॐ
ह्रीं श्रीपार्श्वनाथाय नमः ||

|| Auṃ Hrīṃ ŚrīPārśvanāthāya Namaḥ ||


Jay Jinendra

Five Classics by Svami Vivekananda

ज्ञान योग


By Svami Vivekananda

2015     22 x 14 cm     280 pages

Hardbound     Rs. 500

Paperback     Rs. 125

राज योग


By Svami Vivekananda

2015     22 x 14 cm     248 pages

Hardbound     Rs. 450

Paperback     Rs. 125

प्रेम योग


By Svami Vivekananda

2015     22 x 14 cm     112 pages

Hardbound     Rs. 250

Paperback     Rs. 90

कर्म योग


By Svami Vivekananda

2015     22 x 14 cm     120 pages

Hardbound     Rs. 250

Paperback     Rs. 90

भक्ति योग


By Svami Vivekananda

2015     22 x 14 cm     104 pages

Hardbound     Rs. 250

Paperback     Rs. 90

Rs. 1750 for the set of 5 books in hardcover    [1.7 kg]

Rs. 520 for the set of 5 books in paperback     [1 kg]


Svami Vivekananda occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of all those who regard India’s civilisation and culture as the acme of sophistication and goodness.

As a youth, Vivekananda attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions held at Chicago in 1893. There, he astounded the world with his articulate erudition of the Hindu religion. He swayed the audience with his logic and won them over with his humility. For several years hereinafter, he spread the light of Hinduism and nurtured the seeds of an independent India.

Vivekananda wanted independence for India, not just from the rule of the British, but from the bondage of mental subservience to their imperial masters. Even today, reading Vivekananda lights a fire in the belly and makes one realise how much more progress we need to make in order to become truly independent.

Vivekananda lectured extensively. His views changed in many ways the self perception of all those who read them. The legacy of his teachings is preserved in these books.

We recommend readers to read all five books in continuity. To encourage wider reading, the books have been very economically priced and are available in both paperback and hardbound editions. Both editions are very attractively printed and are easy on the eyes.

The books are available at our bookstore and through mail order.

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