Hindu activists, be prepared to fight a two-fold battle for establishing Hindu Rashtra

According to the saying, ‘What you sow so shall you reap’, Congress sow the seeds of corruption, inactivity and opposing Dharma and it got its bitter fruit in the form of heavy defeat in the elections. O Hindu activists, you will have to fight two-fold battle now to establish a Hindu Rashtra. You will have to continue on one side, the battle of Dharmakranti (Revolution for Dharma) to establish a Hindu Rashtra by achieving Hindus’ strong unity with the guidance of Saints.

Congress committed many scams, took wrong decisions, implemented wrong strategies and delayed the appropriate decisions during its regime. Here are some of the grievous mistakes like not passing the law banning cow-slaughter till now, not solving problems of displaced Hindus in Kashmir, not bringing black money from abroad, giving licence of weapons to infiltrators from Bangladesh, have been committed by the Congress. These harmful points with regard to the nation and Dharma were published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ from time to time.

Now Hindu activists should gather these points with due study and after having discussed them in the meetings held by Hindu activists and Hindu conventions, they should be sent to the new government through local BJP workers and leaders. Although Hindus have great expectations from Hindu nationalist Shri.

Narendra Modi and staunch Hindu leader and Shiv Sena president Shri. Uddhav Thackeray; yet Hindus should remain active till these points are taken up. Due to continuing this battle on one side the path of our main battle of establishing Hindu Rashtra will be made easy !

‘May God give strength and intellect to Hindu activists for this mission’, is a prayer at God’s feet !
– Pujya Shri. Sandeep Alshi (17.05.2014)

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat