Hindu Aikya Vedi State Meet Ends

hinduismMALAPPURAM: Swami Chidanandapuri, head of the Adwaitha Ashram at Kulathur, has said that all Hindu families should have at least three children. He was inaugurating the closing convention of Hindu Aikya Vedi’s 12th state conference here on Sunday.

Swami said that Muslims are having many number of children in their family and Christian leaders have already asked the families to have more. In such a situation, it is important to have more children in Hindu families to maintain the communal balance, he added.    “There are many Hindu families which have only one child. The situation is such that there would be no one to do the posthumous rites if that child died before the parents.

Hindus should understand this situation and give birth to more children. Everyone is blaming Hindu community for its cast divisions.

But the fact is that Christian and Muslim communities have more cast differences within the religion rather than in Hindu community at present”, Chidanandapuri said.

Hindu Aikya Vedi President K P Sasikala, who presided over the function, said that DYFI had turned into butchers by conducting beef festivals in the state in protest against the banning of cow slaughter in Maharashtra.

They have distributed beef among Hindu communities in the name of beef festivals, she added.   She said that the Hindus should acquire political and communal strength to deal with the present condition.

Source: The New Indian Express