Hindu community root for organic farming to improve soil fertility 

kenya_nairobi_lg_mapHindu businessmen have urged local farmers to embrace organic farming to increase soil fertility. The businessmen who are in the country for the World Hindu Economic Forum to be held tomorrow at Sikh Union Club in Nairobi say fertilisers have contributed to lowering the fertility of the soil. They said biological ways integrating the soil could increase harvest for farmers. Guna Magesan the founder of the forum, said Kenyan soils are fertile enough and do not need any additives. Organic farming relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control. “Kenya has the best natural soil. Using fertilisers only kills the nitrogen bacteria in the soil thus spoiling its fertility,” Magesan said at a press conference in Nairobi yesterday. Agri-projects These are among the issues the businessmen will discuss. “We are having investors from all over the world interested in starting agriculture-related projects in Kenya,” he added.

The forum seeks to bring together financially successful personalities like bankers, economists, industrialists among other professionals to share their business knowledge, experience and expertise. The forum will also engage farmers in exposing the opportunities in the country for investment. The Economic Forum founder Awami Vigyanand, said the event will help farmers engage people from around the world who want to invest in Kenya on the gaps in the market.  “Opportunities in Africa can combine with foreign countries with the expertise and the capital to create agricultural benefits for both,” he said. Vigyanand said they have engaged the Government and other stakeholders in the forum and expect top State officials to attend.

Source: standardmedia.co.ke