Hindu Culture Week in La Laguna, Tenerife

1429171251093kSPAIN, April 16, 2015 (El Dia): Starting from today La Laguna will host “Indian Culture Week,” an initiative that will start at 9 pm with a performance at the Leal Theater. A trio of traditional musical pieces will be performed by Jayanta Kumar, master of the Rudra Veena. This week will see a wide range of cultural activities aimed at raising awareness of the lifestyle and culture of India, including music, food, art, film, religion and crafts. Events will run until Saturday April 25 in various cultural institutions in the town of La Laguna, such as the Casino de La Laguna, the Royal Society of Friends of Spain, the History Museum of Tenerife, the Convent of Santo Domingo and the La Laguna Athenaeum.

The opening ceremony for the “Religions of India” photo exhibition will be attended by the head of the Municipal Department of Culture, Maria Jose Castaneda, and the Ambassador of India, Vikram Misri at the Convent of Santo Domingo tomorrow at 11:30 am. Another highlight of the India Week will be a fair, open to the public, on Saturday April 25, where samples of Indian products will be offered, in addition to other activities related to culture, such as henna hand painting and a display of traditional dance.

Source: Hinduism Today