Hindu females sexually tortured in Bangladesh by Muslims

Islamists kidnap her again for daring to protest

On April 20, 2014, at night, a group of Muslim radicals abducted a Hindu housewife from the Satanipara area in the city of Sherpur, Dhaka division in Bangladesh and even if her husband lodged an official complaint on the following day to the local police station, she is yet to be found. In accordance with sources and also content of the complaint, the Hindu housewife had been kidnapped a few days back also and then she was made victim to sexual assaults. The entire activity was recorded in a camera and she was also warned that any exposure of this would cost lives of her husband and children. Even if she requested the Islamists to render clemency to her hapless family, she was declined at every time. Some of the culprits agreed to return the video footage later on; an amount of 4.5 lakh taka (currency in Bangladesh) was collected from the Hindu family also. However, the video footage was not returned. When the radical Muslims demanded another (large) amount of money, the victim Hindu family filed an official complaint to the local administration that perturbed the Islamists a lot. They started to threaten the Hindu family of worst consequences through telephone.

On the fateful day or April 20, 2014, the Hindu housewife, desolate in every sense of the term, went to meet the doctor at Zaman Health Complex in the town at 8 pm. The culprits had the necessary info of her arrival beforehand and were waiting for her only. Once the Hindu housewife appeared there, she was kidnapped in a weird style (as found in motion pictures), put in a microbus and was carried way. Later on, Islamists threatened the housewife’s husband through her mobile phone that any more communication to administration would be disastrous for remaining members of the family. Even if Mehedul Karim, Superintendent of Police, has assured to retrieve the Hindu housewife, locals are convinced that her fate is sealed for eternity.

The situation in Bangladesh is such that no Hindu can depend on administration for justice. No less than 100 incidents of Hindu persecutions have taken place between January and April, 2014 and in no case either the torturers have been grabbed or taken into custody. The following three incidents do reflect the same scenario as well. Islamists in each of these cases are roaming freely.

On January 26, 2014, armed cadres of Jamaat-e-Islami kidnapped, gang raped and then killed Sumita Balao, a Hindu woman living at Suripara in the Kashinath Union Council, sub-district: Jaldhaka in the district of Dhaka. Sushila Rani, another Hindu woman from Doapara in the same area had the same fate too.

On January 4, 2014, Gauri Sutradhar, minority Hindu girl (age 20), was kidnapped, gang raped and also murdered by a few Islamists. The gruesome incident took place at the sub-district headquarter of Kaligunj in the district of Gazipur.

On January 27, 2014, Chaitanya Mandal, a minority Hindu ex-military man, was attacked in his own chemist shop in Magura market within the Abhoynagar in the district of Jessore. Hundreds of cadres of Jamaat-e-Islami with lethal weapons encircled the shop and chopped him repeatedly. After it, petrol was sprinkled on Chaitanya Mandal, the shutter of the shop was closed and he was burnt to death. The horrific incident has created a terror in the area.

Source: Hindu Samhati