Hindu girls plight:When the govt is illiterate

Sometimes, I feel that we write to attract the attention of a state manned by individuals who cannot read or else it is we who do not know how to write. We write for the cause of justicewhich is a guaranteed basic right in a democracy. If we are not mistaken, the state must deliver basic rights to people. Presently we do not question the state that whether it is failed or successful but give voice to those who do not get justice. The victims at least deserve this. Don\’t they?!

However, 8th March 2014 has become the part of past and on this day, all of us said that they believed in women\’s empowerment and would work to ensure the rights of women. It is time they, at least kept on their rhetoric about woman right alive.

Have we remembered those girls who were kidnapped in the name of religion?
I am not writing about previous cases but about Rinkle Kumari, Asha Kumari, Momal Meghwar, Deepa Devi, Manisha Kumari, Sunita Mehshwari and others who were kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and courts allowed to go with culprits instead of with their parents. Even Vijanti who was raped didn\’t get justice.

Today, I am letting you know the untold stories of poor people whose sorrows have been neglected for ages.
Once again there is a spat kidnapping of Sindhi Hindu girls whose parents are still searching for their daughters.
On 16th January 2014, Pooja kumari was abducted from Sanghar and later found at Jamai Banoria Madrassah in Karachi. Pooja was made to phone her mother and said that she had accepted Islam. Pooja was weeping when she said this, her mother said. No one still knows where she is?

On 8th February 2014, Pooja 12, and Jamna 7 had appeared at police station in Mirpurkhas, where they said that they had accepted Islam because their father was not good so they had gone to a Madrassah and changed their religion. Doesn\’t it sound strange that the two girls who were of playing age came to know so much and had even acquired the ability to judge as to which religion was better?

But script of story changed when both little girls appeared in the court on 12th February, 2014 and vehemently denied accepting Islam. Seven years old Jamna started weeping while clinging to her mother. The court allowed Jamna to stay with her parents and Pooja 12years old girl was willing to move to Darul Aman. According to Pooja her father forced her to become a beggar. and she wanted to live in Darul Aman. Court ordered to send her Darul Aman.

Court didn\’t form any committee to inquire into Pooja\’s father though our state has built a record of making committees on, almost, every issues. So why not one more committee in Pooja\’s case of child-abuse and human rights?

Although court neither send Pooja to her mother and nor to another member of family who could have cared her. Courts could have received weekly reports regarding Pooja, if she would have been allowed to live with her mother.

Unfortunately, Pooja was sent Darul Aman. We can imagine that how life is bitter at Darul Aman. A girl who has parents but she is made to live as orphan. While analyzing the Pooja\’s case, the case seems that extremists have now adopted other strategy by use of force making girls say that they would not live with their parents and willing to move to Darul aman. After Darul Aman, How she lives? Who knows?

Pooja\’s case has two phases of story first she accepted Islam, denied to accept and then showed willingness to live at Darulman.

A little girl gets to know all the complex legal procedures. Is it not strange! Shall we expect that now all innocent children can go to courts and demand there that they do not want to live with their parents and be to shift to Darulaman?
Court has allowed Pooja to live at Darulaman and we can assume the same result in case of other children. Where are the children\’s rights? Think over it.

After Pooja case at Mir Poremathelo, girl, named Maryam, converted to Islam at Bhar Chundi on 22nd February, 2014. Police refused her parents to file FIR. These all cases were un-listened. Religious extremism is severely increasing and statesmen are seen indifferent to it. A Hindu girl is being kidnapped and forced to convert to another religion but nowhere voice is raised for her.

On the Hindu girls\’ case I talked to PPP minister Dr. Khatomal, he himself accepted that many girls had been kidnapped but at the end fair trial was not possible when religious factor was involved. On the question, police is not filing FIR. Why does not government ensure the process of registering FIR? He answered that \”if policemen do not file FIR then action will be taken against them.\”

Action will be taken, when? In Maryam case police didn\’t file FIR and we have not heard, yet, whether police filed FIR or not?
In National Assembly, Hindu marriage act bill was introduced by PPP minister Mr. Ramesh Lal. Question is that can this bill protect Hindu girls, who are being kidnapped and converted to another religion? Although, ruling party PML-N promised that they would protect Hindu girls. After entering in power PML-N has forgotten its promise with people?
Probably, rulers lose their memory when they get in power. Isn\’t it?

Hindu girls need justice and sympathy; these girls even don\’t get voice from a society that claims to be champion of rights.
Sword of extremism is snatching the lives of innocent girls, how long have we been writing on the pages for justice and when will statesmen start learning how to read.

Source: The Frontier Post