Hindu groups protest proposed slaughter-house at Morba, Maharastra

Nagothane (Raigad) : During 4-5 days of Eid, 40, 00,000 cows and cattle was slaughtered on the border of Bangladesh which was stolen from India and later, the same was sold in India for millions of rupees. If such things continue, milk now available for cost of Rs. 50/- per litre will increase to Rs. 500/- . Mechanized slaughter-house is a demon which is required to be fed all the time. If cows / cattle are not brought from outside, those available in Raigad will be attacked first. The proposed land allocated for such slaughter-house is agricultural land and does not have official permission; it is also against the provisions of Indian Constitution. Everyone needs to make an appeal to own soul for protection of our culture and Dharma. We are not against any Government; but we will not hesitate to oust it if it is attacking our Dharma. The proposed slaughter-house at Morba should be cancelled and ‘Gou-shala’ will be set up there. Be ready to sacrifice life, if need be, for cancellation of slaughter-house, appealed Jain Muni H. H. Vinamrasagarji Maharaj.

A meeting was held on 9th January on the ground of Jogeshwari Mandir by ‘Kattalkhana Hatao Sangharsh Samiti (Committee for cancellation of slaughter-house)’ and ‘Ahimsa Samiti (Committee for Non-violence)’. The meeting was attended by about 1000 local residents.  Maharaj’s guidance ignited spark among people and inspired them for effectively opposing this slaughter-house. Representatives of spiritual, pro-Hindu organizations besides, representatives and activists of Jain organizations, office bearers of Shiv Sena were present on the occasion. The meeting was also blessed with auspicious presence of H. H. Vimalsagarji Maharaj.

Unite to foil foreign powers’ ploy of pink revolution by killing cows for their pink meat ! – Shri. Abhay Vartak  

Shri. Abhay Vartak of Sanatan Sanstha said, “The Government gives Rs. 200 crores to Deonar abattoir every year where 10 crores of animals have been slaughtered so far. This abattoir is set up on 65 acres of land whereas the proposed abattoir at Morba will be built on 75 acres of land which indicates its magnitude. The Government has funds to save tigers that kill cows; but it is handing over cows, worshipped by Hindus, to butchers. The news of Salman Khan killing a deer is being telecast for number of years; but no news channel shows news about 50,000 cows and cattle being slaughtered every day. A Muslim who kills our ‘Gou-mata’ cannot be our brother. Cows/ cattle are stolen from cow-sheds at many places. The judicial system has pulled ears of our rulers by telling them that cow-dung is more valuable for us than even ‘Kohinoor’; however, foreign powers want pink revolution in India by killing cows for their pink meat. Their ploy needs to be foiled by strong opposition and with unity.

We are joining agitation for protection of cows with all our might ! – Shri. Kishore Jain, Shiv Sena

Sleeping in cow- shed cures all diseases. Importance of cow is unique. We are joining the agitation with all our strength for protection of cows and will stage intense agitation for cancellation of slaughter-house at Morba, stated Shri. Kishore Jain, the Vice-President of Shiv Sena for Nagothane.

Brief introduction of H. H. Vinamrasagarji Maharaj

H.H. Vinamrasagarji Maharaj is 24 years old Jain Dharmaguru with revolutionary thinking. He never uses vehicle to go anywhere but walks everywhere even long distances. He is creating awareness amongst people against mechanized slaughter-house so also in matters related to nation and Dharma. He has undertaken drive even against Deonar abattoir, Mumbai.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat