Hindu Janajagruti Samiti organized Hindu Adhiveshan in Vijayanagar, Bengaluru

from left Advocate Amrutesh N. P., Dr. Chidananda Murthy and Ms (Kum) Priyanka Swami while lightning the lamp

Bengaluru : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti organized Hindu Adhiveshan in Adichunchanagiri Math Samuhika Bhavan, Vijayanagar on 22nd March, 2015. The aim was to create awareness among Hindus regarding the various anti Hindu laws and the Government’s anti-Hindu behavior, as well as a step towards the establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Many Spiritual leaders, activists from proHindu organizations, advocates participated in the Adhiveshan.

The Hindu Adhiveshan was inaugurated by Dr. Chidananda Murthy, Advocate Amrutesh N. P. (High court, Bangalore) and Kum. Priyanka Swami, Sanatan Sanstha. Paratparguru H.H. Dr Athavale’s message was read out. Shri. Guruprasad explained the importance and need of Hindu Adhiveshan. Shri. Sujit presented the outcomes of Rashtriya Hindu Andolan in creating awareness about the nation level anti Hindu issues.

Eminent Historian Dr. Chidananda Murthy ‘ChiMu’ felicitated on attaining spiritual level of 61% !

Dr. Chidananda Murthy felicitated by Ms. Priyanka Swami, Prasar Sevika of Sanatan Sanstha

Always be truthful and Follow Dharma – Dr. Chidananda Murthy, eminent historian

Dr. Murthy appreciated that the Adhiveshan was started with an auspicious Shankhanaad and Deep prajwalan (lighting the lamp). During his talk he expressed concern about the rapidly dividing Hindu society which is fragmenting on basis of caste and creed. He further talked about the vast base of Vedas that Hindu Dharma is based on and how people have misunderstood the Vedas. He also said that the Varna system does not discriminate one based on birth, but rather is related to how one lives his/her life. He also, said that the Vedas do not discriminate between men and women. The greatness of Hindu Dharma can be seen in the fact that an Indian swami visiting a foreign land (Swami Vivekananda) was treated like God.

Dr. Murthy lamented on the fact that today a Hindu who proudly calls himself a Hindu is labeled as a fundamentalist, whereas people from other religions can do so without being tagged with the same label.

Dr. Murthy also told the attendees that concrete steps have to be taken to ensure that the government implements a uniform civil code in the country.

Hindu Vidhijna Parishad helping Hindus combat anti Hindu forces – Amrutesh N. P.

Advocate Amrutesh said that many Hindus don’t spare time for nation or Dharma related activities, but spend time on TV serials which teach how to spoil others life, how to divide families ! Hindu Vidhijna Parishad was started by Advocate Sanjeev Punalekar. Many advocates from different parts of our country, associated with the parishad are now striving to protect Hindus and Hindu sentiments.

Loudspeakers do not have any significance in Quran; illegal loudspeakers are to be banned legally – Shri. Praveen Kumar Hiremath, Advocate.

Though loudspeakers are not fundamental to Muslim religious practices, today they are given too much importance. These loudspeakers have physical and mental health effects on people residing nearby. Many of the Masjids do not have legal permissions to put loudspeakers, so we can initiate legal action against them. In Hindu Dharma importance is given to Chintan and Manan (listening and introspection), we use speakers for propagating discourses during religious functions and we need not stop our practices.

Till date no one has been able to show that cow slaughter is mentioned in the Quran – Shri. Vivek, Advocate

Supreme court has given a verdict that ‘Anti cow-slaughter law is not anti constitutional and any State can bring this law into force’. Most of the religious converts have forgotten their mother culture and started following their adopted religion’s culture and thus they are also contributing to anti Hindu practices like cow slaughter.

We are not doing any favor to Cow by saving them from slaughtering, we can only pay gratitude by saving them – Shri. Hansraj Mannoth

In reality Goumatha takes care of us and not vice versa. Protecting cows is equal to saving Dharma so we must use all our might to save cows. We are been attacked by some people for involving ourselves in this noble task.

We go to temples to kill the demon in us and increase the divinity in us. – Shri. Umesh Sharma

Register complaints against illegal loudspeakers in police stations. If the police don’t take any action, move to the Court and fight for justice.

Statements by other dignitaries

1. If fanatics don’t tolerate our utsavs why should we adjust with loudpseakers? – Shri. Chandru Moger.

2. Though I am 80 years old now my name is added in Rowdy list, and 4 cases are been filed on me for working to protect cows – Shri Ramalinge Gowda, retired school teacher.

Key Points

1. Dr. Chidananda Murthy was felicitated by Kum. Priyanka Swami for attaining the spiritual level of 61%. Even at the age of 80 he is working tirelessly for Dharma.

2. The attendees were shown on videos of Hindu Vartha and Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay.