‘Hindu Legal Cell’ set up to offer legal assistance to Hindus on problems related to Dharma

Hindu legal cellMumbai, 29th December – Hindus’ religious sentiments are constantly hurt in the name of freedom of expression in this country, said Shri. Prashant Patel, Secretary of ‘Hindu Legal Cell (HLC)’. HLC has been set up 6 months back by about 100 advocates from all over India. Shri. Patel said, “Everyone in India is concerned only about non-Hindus under the guise of secularism and nobody is bothered about religious sentiments of Hindus. In fact, Hindu Dharma is not at all against freedom of expression and it should be used constructively to spread things useful for society; but it is not right to hurt religious sentiments of anyone.”

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat