Hindu. Mahasabha Of America Appreciates India’s Rejection Of ‘Missionary’ Visas to Church Leaders From Vatican


Delaware, USA ( Feb,15): 

Hindu. Mahasabha Of America Appreciates India’s Rejection Of ‘Missionary’ Visas to Church Leaders From Vatican. Church leaders from ‘ Missionary’ focused 

NGO’s and Churches are massively involved in converting Hindus into Christianity in India. This has led to demographic changes in many Indian states, later these converted Christians are indoctrinated with Anti Hindu , Anti India philosophy and are motivated to start a social, political and armed struggle under the disguise of ‘Christian Persecution’ ( for example recently in Indian state of Karnataka, four Christians were arrested for vandalizing a Church, which was earlier blamed on Hindu organizations). 

Once their persecution story starts getting published in Indian and Western media, the whole atmosphere is made up reference to ‘Christians Human Rights Violation’ which gives political mandate to Western countries to attack militarily on an sovereign state and later that area is made colony of Christian countries for economic colonization.  This has happened in many African, Latin American and Asian countries. It’s a standard operating procedure of Christian ‘ Missionary Organization’. It’s is to be noted that not all segments under Christianity are involved in conversions. The one involved belong to Baptist, Evangelical, Pentagonists and etc. 

Recently in Assam 40 NDLF militants who were recent concerts to Christianity did a bloodbath in remote Assam villages who were killed innocent 60 Hindu villagers for no reason. A precedent of above said standards operations. When Indian Army strikes back, missionary Christian organizations


Indian govt. should now analyze NGO org. working for Christian conversions and impose ban and censure. Alongside preventing their international masters from entering India who support them for the safety of Hindus. 

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Source: HMSA