Hindu Mahasabha Of America (HMSA) Condemn Killing Of American Hindu Blogger Dr Avijit Roy in Bangladesh

Delaware, USA: Mar 06, 2015: Hindu Congress Of America aka. Hindu Mahasabha Of America (HMSA)
strongly condemn the inhumane killing of Dr Avijit Roy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
Dr Avijit Roy, an avid blogger and writer was in Bangladesh along with his wife Rafida Ahmed when
Islamist’s attacked him with swords and killed him
instantly. He was based out of Georgia,USA. His view against Islamic extremism were regarded and respected globally and was a renowned author and human rights activist. 
Hindu Congress Of America express it’s utmost dismay at the grave human rights violation of Hindus in Bangladesh. Dr Avijit Roy killing is an effort to suppress Hindu voice against human rights violation and global Hindu voice. The act is shameful, dastardly and inhumane to utmost limits, the extremists attack on his wife reflects the immoral and inhumane mental sickness of such extremists.   
Killings, murders and physical assaults in 21st century is not going to help Islamic extremists in long term. 
For example when 56 innocent Hindus were killed in Godhara, Gujarat in 2002, it only led to increment in 
Hindu unity and today India is governed by political forces which condemn extremism of this kind.
HMSA urges Bangladesh Govt. to bring perpetrators of this killing to justice at the earliest and also urge Indian PM Narendra Modi to intervene and discuss Hindu human rights issue with Govt. of Bangladesh and Pakistan at appropriate levels. Worldwide Hindus see Indian PM Narendra Modi as strong man who can protect Hindu interests and he should act swiftly to make sure that Hindu activists are safe and protected in South Asia. In his inaugural speech at BJP HQ in Delhi Indian PM Narendra Modi  categorically mentioned that his victory is also tribute to hundreds of Hindu activists who were killed in Kerala fighting deadly communists forces.
Today Hindu activists, writers and authors are being threatened in South Asia with no protection provided which is a shame for one sixth of humanity that is Hindu. Hindus have excelled in science, technology, business and politics but have failed to protect their brothers & sisters who raises voice against political / social persecution – a serious issue which needs immediate attention. If such killings and insecurity exists among Hindu activists, it’s not far that when no one will speak up for Hindu issues – whether it’s a vandalism in North America temples or countering anti Hindu defamation literature & dark ages of physical persecution will return in the absence of intellectuals.
HMSA offers it’s deepest condolences to the family, friends and associates of Dr Avijit Roy. 
Media & PR Dept,
Source: HMSA