Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) president Dilip Mehta attend annual meeting of Hindu Samhati

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This Meeting was attended by 230 prominent workers of Hindu Samhati from different parts of West Bengal. Shri Mehta was main speaker in the morning session of the meeting on 2nd day, i.e. 15 Dec. His speech has been translated by Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati.
He told the delegates in his speech that he came to Kolkata from far away USA, not to see Howrah bridge or Victoria Memorial or even Kaighat temple. He came to see the ‘kattar’ Hindus like these delegates. He further said that now a days, Hindus are flooded by the sermon of ‘Bhakti’. But need of the hour is ‘Karma’. He gave several examples. He said that only Hindus are being bombarded with the sermons of virtues like ‘kshama’, ‘karuna’, ‘prem’, etc. Why not these preachers go to the Kashmiri militants and Talibans to spread these lofty messages?
His speech inspired the young delegates and raised their morale.

Trip to India

I had memorable trip to India. While in Houston I have been called militant and fanatic, I received so much honor that made me encouraged to do work for true Hindutva  with more energy. I landed in Mumbai after 26 hour journey. After waiting more than hour for my luggage   I reached home of cousin brother. I had only 2 hours sleep and Tapanji told me to get early flight to come to Calcutta the same day.  Finally I landed in Calcutta in evening.

Next day I was main speaker to 250 strong young Hindus. I started asking them what is the best thing in Calcutta to see for visitors.  They answered naming some tourist sites. I asked again, what is better than those sites that I came here from 10000 miles spending so much my own money. They couldn’t answer.

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I told them coming far away the best thing to see  in Calcutta is meeting  strong Hindu Jawans like you.  There was big applaud.  Then I told them about Ahinsa and love, mercy and humanity. I told them only Hindus are bombarded with such words. Why they don’t go to Taliban and Kashmiri terrorists (this idea I got from SMT. Aneeta Chakrabarty).

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Then I talked about Bhakti. Now Bhakti is used for escapism. Bhakti is for purification of mind. We have to do Karma to protect our Dharma and our value system.  I told them that if Bhakti is solution of our problems, Bhagavan Krishna would have given Arjun (in first chapter) kirtal, tambura harmonium and table, and He would have told to start singing His bhajans. After that He will take care of problem.  On contrary He told Arjun that war he has to fight, He is with him as a guide.

I gave them so many examples. At the end I said about my dream. I said my only dream in my life is to see Hindu Rashtra before I die. There was big applaud.

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Next day  I was taken to villages to see burnt Hindu houses by Muslim mobs. I gave talk to village people which was translated into Bengali. Police came. Since I was U.S. citizen they avoided me.  Honor I received is beyond description. Village man and women started bowing down to my feet which was very embracing.  I never received such honor in my life. For four day I visited different villages. Every where I was offered tea and delicious Bengali sweets.

I visited Muslim girls who married to Hindu boys and converted back to Hindu fold.  Each one I gave them Rs. 500.  All five days in Culcutta  Tapanji kept me busy from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. without rest.

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Another memorable is trip to a Amreli a town in Saurashtra also travelling in suburb trains in Mumbai. In Amrali my friend who lives in Sugar Land was there. I stayed in his banglo. He took me to visit Mahila Vikas Grah.  This Vikas grah has 55 abandon girls aging from 4 years to 18 years old. It was Saturday afternoon when we went there. All girls were singing Hanuman Chalisa without reading from book. Their eyes were closed. With full devotion they were singing. Tears flew in my eyes watching them. I met director who was dedicated lady. She told me that she didn’t have daughter so all 55 girls are her daughters. I gave Rs. 1000 donation.

Next I visited school for mute and deaf. There dedicated husband and wife team was working. They develop special computer program to make boys and girls understand what all objects are. Some of them were deaf from the birth, so they didn’t know what is table or chair. Program was showing them with pictures what all objects are. So much dedication. This team of husband and wife could have lived comfortable life. Instead they decided to serve humanity.

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Travelling in Mumbai trai is not easy. So much rush to get in and get out. While getting out all youngs said “Uncleko janedo” Let uncle go. They were holding my hands and made sure that I get down without falling down. Once I had to carry empty suitcase. While getting down one young boy took suitcase from and said ‘Uncle apki piche hai wo apko utar denge’ When I got down, it was crowded and dark. That young boy could have run away. But he was standing right there with my suitcase. It shows our culture respecting elders is very much alive.

All these three incidents (two at Amreli and one in train) brought new hope and spirit that our Sanskriti is very much alive. My shradha in our Sanatan Dharma got much stronger

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