Hindu Media Forum’s HinduPost.in, a new digital media platform


Hindu Post’s Introduction << Click here for free PDF download

HinduPost is a news, commentary and opinion digital media platform that is proposed to be launched soon, to provide the correct perspective on issues concerning Hindu society. The perspective provided in traditional media either marginalizes or distorts the facts. There is a need for a media platform that articulates the correct perspective, and this is the gap that HinduPost aims to fill. Hindus lack socio-cultural and political awareness, and are largely ignorant about their rich civilizational legacy.

The rise of digital media makes it easier for Hindu communities spread across the world to connect and learn about, and from each other’s experiences. HinduPost will act as a medium to inform, engage and inspire discussions on topics concerning Hindus across the world. The idea of HinduPost emerged at a media conference conducted by Hindu Media Forum (HMF) during the inaugural World Hindu Congress 2014. This media conference, co-ordinated by Shri Sushil Pandit, was attended by Hindu media professionals and intellectuals from across the world. An introductory document explaining the HinduPost concept is attached with this email. HinduPost is envisioned with the following goals in mind –    

  • To act as a bellwether for the correct perspective on issues impacting Hindu society. 
  • To correct the faulty perception and ingrained prejudices regarding Hindus prevalent in mainstream media.
  • To connect Hindu communities spread across the world, helping them to learn about and from each other’s experiences.
  • Provide a platform for Hindu thinkers & writers to voice their opinions. 
  • To raise awareness about the rich socio-cultural legacy of Hindu civilization. 
  • To act as a repository of any human rights violation of Hindus around the world.


I request Hindu writers, researchers, academics, leaders, activists and professionals from across the world to contribute their articles to this new digital media initiative. Vikram Sharma, our team leader at HinduPost, will be further communicating with you via the following email id :hindupost.in@gmail.com   The HinduPost.in site ​:  http://www.hindupost.in   Please help, support and encourage this effort. Feedback and suggestions can be sent to hindupost.in@gmail.com

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)