Hindu outfits stage protest against removal of Ganesha Vinayaka idols by police

ganeshaTRICHY: Tension prevailed in the city as members of the BJP and several Hindu outfits staged a protest after police removed 14 Ganesha idols installed at various places early on Friday morning.

The police action came as they had given permission to install the idols at only 176 places in the city and 854 in rural places.

A total of 303 cadres belonging to the BJP, VHP and the RSS were arrested by the police for holding demonstrations without permission at the Chatiram bus stand.

Police had severely warned the Hindu groups not to install the idols at unauthorised places. This was conveyed to them few days before the festival during a meeting that was held in which all Hindu outfits participated. The outfits have been requesting the police to increase the numbers of installations, however due to security issues it was turned down.

On Friday, police removed the idols from 14 places in which five of them are believed to have been returned to the organisers irking the outfits and prompting them to go on a protest and also on a rampage.

The cadre did not spare the MLA’s office at Thennur where at least five permissions are said to be denied by the police. Even the chief whip R Manoharan’s office bore the brunt as the protesters broke the glass panes.

Police have now tightened the security at several points in the city. According to police, the outfits never sought proper permission for holding demonstrations and the huge numbers caused inconvenience to the public and therefore they had to arrest them.

The procession of idols will take place on August 31 and all the idols will be immersed in Cauvery river near Melachinthamani between 6am and 9pm.

Source: Times of India