Hindu persecution in East Midnapore

Muslim radicals dared to continue illegal construction
Hindus thrashed brutally for protesting  
Without doubt, there can’t be any better specimen than this to prove how rising Islamic appeasement in Bengal has made Muslim radicals consider that they can outrage code of law wherever and whenever necessary to satisfy their own needs. Radhamoni Bazaar area, P.S. Tamluk, District: East Midnapore, on April 21, 2013, remained witness to a bitter Hindu persecution stemming from Muslim radicals’ defiant endeavors to continue illegal construction. When Hindus protested they were beaten ruthlessly, leading to injury of 12 Hindus among whom 2 are in critical conditions.
It has been learnt, the main culprit behind this development is Jainal (age 50) – Muslim individual living in Bhagavanpur, P.O. Narandanri, District: East Midnapore. Jainal along with his Hindu friend, Manoj Giri, used to sell readymade garments in the same Radhamoni Bazaar or market. As, owing to erstwhile Hindu-Muslim scuffles in the area, the market committee had decided that no space could be sold to any non-Hindu businessman, Jainal used the name of Manoj Giri to purchase a shop from a Hindu individual named Rabin Bhakta. Local Hindus, naturally, failed to comprehend this trickery.
National Highway – 41 was made in lands donated by Hindus willingly to better transport in the area; a tract of land or vested land does remain beside the highway and Jainal had an evil intention to grab it also. Jainal decided to build up his own residence there, even if he was well aware of the fact that any such effort would lead to a great chaos as well.
Balaaka Bazaar committee made a strong objection to this illegal construction. To avenge it, on March 31, 2013, Jainal threatened Atanu Sarkar, worker in a tyre-repairing shop alongside Rabin Bhakta’s shop and also a protester, of dire consequences.
On April 6, 2013, Balaaka Bazaar committee and three Hindu-dominated villages in the vicinity asked both Jainal and Manoj in a meeting for a peaceful settlement. None of them did turn up.
But on April 7, 2013, the following day, Jainal entered the disputed land along with his accomplices and two policemen of P.S. Tamluk, Manik Adak and Swapan Chakraborty. Both of them, it has been learnt, came to restore the disputed construction. The presence of policemen gave rise to another flare up as Hindus were stubborn to stop the project. Hence, it was decided then that the construction would take place under Section 144 and prior to it, Jainal would submit the necessary documents including court order, permission of Panchayat and BLRO.
On April 18, 2013, Dipak Bhattacharya, vice-president of Balaaka Bazaar committee was threatened by an individual named Alauddin over phone. The Muslim radical even challenged might of Hindus and asked them to stop Muslims only if they had power.
On April 21, 2013, Jainal, along with (more than) 60 Islamists in three cars, arrived at the disputed site on 8 am. Without doubt, he was not having any legal permission or certificate and Islamists started digging there almost instantaneously. When local Hindus tried to prevent the work, they were attacked by Muslim radicals having all kinds of lethal weapons. 12 Hindus got highly injured and among them Srtiam Kumar Midya, inhabiting village: Bhuavan Kalua, P.O. Kelomal, a primary teacher by profession is in a critical condition still. He has been admitted to Tamluk District Hospital.
Shankar Maity (age 25), another extremely injured Hindu individual, has been admitted to CMRI, Kolkata. He, owing to brutal thrashing, has lost auditory sense in the left ear.
Once the incident took place, Hindus made a counter attack desperately. Muslim radicals could not face it and more than 25 of them fled from the area. Others ran to the top of the house and started pelting stones on Hindus from there. Hindus, in retaliation, burnt a car of Islamists down.
Police arrived there later, faced lots of difficulties to calm furious Hindus but got able to recover panicked Islamists ultimately. Police, as per the latest information, has assured Hindus that no illegal construction would take place in the disputed site.
It has come to knowledge, 18 Muslim radicals have been rendered police custody of 14 days by the local court.