Hindu power will give reciprocate to killing of Hindus’ leaders : Yogi Adityanath, MP

Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh) : Hindus’ power will give reply to killing of Hindus’ leaders, stated Yogi Adityanath, BJP’s MP in a public meeting held here. Leaders of Hindu Yuva Vahini, Ram Mohan Gupta and his uncle Ram babu Gupta were killed by fanatics few days ago. It is suspected that local MLA, Ajimul Haq, his personal secretary Raees and one more person are involved in these murders; but they have not yet been arrested. In this background, this public meeting was organized.

Yogi Adityanath said further, “State Government led by Samajwadi party is kowtowing to minorities; therefore, the accused are not arrested. If the Government does not arrest MLA Ajimul Haq of Samajwadi party from Tanda, he will not be allowed to stay in Tanda. He will be prohibited even from entering Tanda.”

Dr. Ram Vilas Vedanti, former MP from Ayodhya said in his guidance, “Now, Hindus will not run away from Tanda and other parts of District. They will show that they are not cowards and powerless. Hindus should fight with unity.” The speakers also warned that agitation would be staged if accused were not arrested.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat