Hindu Priestesses Consecrated in Bern, Switzerland

traditionnellementseulsleshommespeuventetrepretresarcBERN, SWITZERLAND, February, 10, 2015 (Bluewin): Four women were consecrated as priestesses to serve the Hindu community in Berne in early February. There are virtually no Hindu women priests in India or Sri Lanka, said Sasikumar Tharmalingam, priest of the Saivaneri Koodam community’s temple at the House of Religions in Bern, while speaking to the press.

Sasikumar Tharmalingam immigrated to Switzerland from Sri Lanka 14 years ago and the members of his community have researched the subject and studied the scriptures. They did not find any indication that would justify the exclusion of women from the priesthood. They found, on the contrary, many indications of equality between men and women. On a recent trip to India and Sri Lanka, they met with other priests who supported them in this opinion.

Source: Hinduism Today