Hindu Raksha Dal protest Delhi CM inaction to protect patriot Hindu leaders

GHAZIABAD: A group of people on Sunday staged a protest outside Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s house against Prashant Bhushan’s remarks on Kashmir and arresting of Hindu Raksha Dal members, who had attacked at AAP office in Kaushambi.

The activists of Hindu Raksha Dal demanded the release of their leader Pinki Choudhary, who was arrested for attacking AAP’s office. The agitators voiced their protest vehemently and had to be stopped by many police personnel stationed outside CM’s house.

Parents and other relatives of Pinki Choudhary also sat on dharna outside Kejriwal’s house demanding his release. Relatives and children of Choudhary held placards which stated slogans like “Hum par dhara 354 aur 436 kyonki hum Hindu hain (Sections 354 and 436 have been imposed on us because we are Hindus)”, “Mere papa jail mein hain kyunki… hum Hindu hain (My father is in jail because we are Hindus)” and “Prashasan pratadik karega kyunki… hum Hindu hain (The administration will harass us because we are Hindus)”.

Protesters also tried to stop the Delhi CM’s car when he was going to attend the party’s PAC meeting being held in New Delhi. The protest continued for hours and police had to keep a close tab on the situation lest it go out of control.

Source: Times Of India