Hindu saint Baba Ramdev alleges Sonia Gandhi dislikes Hindus

Yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, on Monday alleged that Congress party president, Sonia Gandhi, and her son Rahul Gandhi disliked Hindus.

Ramdev, who is very close to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said the ideology of Gandhis was similar to Congress party candidate Imran Masood, who had threatened to chop BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

“The ideology of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi is as cruel and violent as of Imran Masood. They hate Hindus and they don’t like Hindu holy men and saints,” said Ramdev in northern town of Muzaffarnagar.

Baba Ramdev, who has been spearheading a national campaign against black money and corruption, supports Modi wave in India.

Ramdev has been touring India to garner votes for BJP after the party accepted his proposal to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks.

“I think Congress party will barely cross tally of 50. The entire country hates them. It has boycotted them politically because these cheats have looted the country mercilessly,” he added.

Source: DNA