Hindu Samhati Founder Tapan Ghosh arrested for pro-Israel rally. Hindus worldwide fear for his safety.

Kolkata, India: Hindu Samhati founder Tapan Ghosh was arrested by the Kolkata police immediately after he finished with a rally where 70,000 volunteers converged. The rally, one of the biggest pro-Israel rallies in history, was widely cheered in the social media. However with West Bengal having faced many riots in the recent past, the rally must have raffled the feathers of the Jihadi outfits who have substantial presence in Bengal. From Badhwan blats to Kaliachak the Jihadi outfits have been extremely active in recent past.

After the event which was attended by eminent media personalities like Gen. GD Bakshi among others, a journalist asked a group who had undertaken Ghar Vapsi to the Hindu faith from Islam and were welcomed, if there were allurements offered by Hindu Samhati. Tthe group who had undertaken Ghar Vapsi refused and refereed to the volunteers instead. But the media person was mad at the volunteer, refereed to him as uncouth and used filthy language against the women volunteers of Hindu Samhati. This caused altercations and other volunteers immediately intervened.

Tapan da was far from the place because the meeting was already over. The media person went and lodged a complain. The administration under the influence of the pro-Jihadi lobby arrested Tapan da. Hindu Samhati fears for the safety of Tapan da and other volunteers. Hindus worldwide need to immediately ask the administration to release Tapan da and ensure no harm comes to him.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)