Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi inaugurated


​”​Dear Friends,
                            Please see this delightful picture of Arabs attending inauguration ceremony of a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi as well as partaking food in traditional manner. Half of our mental make up can be traced to food we eat. A Satwic ( nature of mode of goodness) food promotes same qualities, Satwa, goodness . Hope this becomes popular in middle east that can use peace along with prosperity. Having a temple also will promote both peace and prosperity.  Hope this news item as well as pictures get wide publicity in India, Bangladesh  where still fanatic hordes suffering from backward mentality are destroying Hindu temples. Let a video of the event be shown in Kashmir as well.​”

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Thanks to Sri Narendra Modi and his visit to the area, this welcome development became a reality. Let those in so called ‘subcontinent or south Asia ‘ not just radical Islamists but the hard core Secularists as well learn from Abu Dhabi Arabs and their government. It will be hard for them to term this event as ‘communal’ since it is supported, sponsored by a Muslim nation. Best wishes to the Arab supporters of Hindu temple and Congratulations to Narendra Modi and his team.


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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)