Hinduism asks to eliminate a ‘Dragon Ball Super’ character

Photogallery – Hinduism asks to eliminate a ‘Dragon Ball Super’ character

Rajan Zed, spiritual leader of this religion, issued a statement to the company Toei Animation.

A new story arc is about to begin, which brings together the most powerful fighters of all universes, in what is called a tournament of martial arts. On this occasion begins a new history, in which they reveal the Universal Gods of the 12 universes. Beerus and Champa have been the only gods so far that viewers have been very familiar with, so this bringing together of more gods on-screen is not only a way for fans to see an extensive lineup of powerful characters, but also a way to further add to the lore and the fabric of the anime’s rich history, as well.

God Elephant Ganesha?

But the novelty that exists is that there is an Elephant God who is in charge of Universe 11. Hindus have asked to remove one of these God´s since they feel that the Elephant God in this case resembles their god, Ganesha.

A Supreme God appears in the anime

The Elephant God that appears in this new tournament is the same color as Ganesha, and with this appearance, the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism — Rajan Zed — stated that this Elephant God bears a resemblance to his god, Ganesha, and that Ganesha is considered one of the most emblematic deities in Hinduism.

Additional Information

This new Elephant God from “#Dragon Ball Super” is offensive, especially since this version of the God of Universe 11 has an evil heart full of hatred toward his neighbor. So, they hope that this Saturday, the character will be officially withdrawn, since, in any case, the creator Akira Toriyama does not want to make the changes requested by this religion.

They will go to the channels that transmit the series of the anime so that there is censorship. Ultimately, for devout followers of Hinduism, it is certainly understandable that they do not want to see a character so closely resembling their beloved Ganesha portrayed as an Evil God.

That said, from the side of “Dragon Ball” and its creators, the new saga has already been completed and has already begun to air, and thus, it would be almost impossible to make any changes to a completed work, especially with the new gods being vital to this current arc. #Dragon Ball Super

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