Hinduism inspired Australians call PM Modi a ‘man of humble beginnings’


Brisbane (Australia), Nov. 16 (ANI): Followers of Hinduism in Australia have lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s humble beginnings, and said he can spread the message of peace, harmony, appreciation and respect for all other cultures.

Philip, who is a keen follower of Prime Minister Modi, said he saw the latter’s visit as a wonderful new opportunity for improving and enhancing ties between India and Australia.

“I think in the past, the Indian Governments have been very reluctant to talk to each other. And, the fact that we have Mr. Modi here in Brisbane talking to our Prime Minister, is so wonderful. Mr. Modi seems to be a man of humble beginnings,” said Philip.

“India is on the verge of something wonderful. With health, love and peace, I think we all can get together now,” he added.

Philip also shared his experience of how he got inspired by Hinduism.

“This happened during a Hindu festival, and we all went there and had an incredible experience. We had ‘Dandiya and Garba’, and we were so inspired,” he said.

Roop Kishore Das, an avid follower of ‘Sanatan Dharam’, said the Indians should be treated like family members.

“I am a born Hindu. My parents are following the ‘Sanatan Dharam’ for the last 40 years. I went to India when I was nine. I stayed there for twelve years in Odisha, (West) Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, and learnt the ‘Sanatan Dharam’,” Das told ANI here.

“The relation of mentor-disciple is very important. We cannot do anything without our mentors,” he added.

Another fervent follower of Hindu dharma said he was extremely delighted that Prime Minister Modi had emerged victorious in the general elections in India.

“I was in India for the elections this year, and I was following the progression of Mr. Modi very keenly. I was very happy to see that because he represents Hindu dharma more than any other candidate, he was victorious in the election,” said Yaduvendra Das-his Vedic initiated name.

“Now, he has a big job ahead of him to lead his country. If he goes back to his roots, and the Vedic culture, that is the most beautiful culture in the world, he can spread the message of peace, harmony, appreciation and respect for all the other cultures,” he added.

Another well-wisher of Prime Minister Modi spoke about how he has been promoting Vedic dharma.

“I have been in Vedic dharma from the last twenty years, and I have been a vegetarian for many years. I have been promoting it through my company, my business – manufacturing and distributing Ayurvedic foods,” he said.

“The Ayurvedic sciences of health, nutrition and yoga lifestyle have been very beneficial for Western culture, because they are very busy people. They suffer from many aliments, and in yoga, tradition there are many cures and medicinal practices that can help Westerners,” he added.

After attending the G-20 Summit in Brisbane, Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to travel to Sydney, where he will attend a reception organized by and for the Indian Diaspora.

Prime Minister Modi will then travel to Canberra and address the special joint sitting of the Australian Parliament on November 18. He will also address an Indian community event in Melbourne before travelling to Fiji.

Interviewed and reported by Naveen Kapoor/Copy edited by Kanika Singhal and Amit Shankar. (ANI)

Source: Yahoo