Hindus and even Hindu Gods are not Safe in Tamil Nadu

Even Hindu Gods are not Safe in Tamil NaduEven Hindu Gods are not Safe in Tamil Nadu

The events witnessed in Tamil Nadu during the last three days in connection with Vinayaka Chathurthi prove beyond doubt that Hindus could survive and the State only by the charity shown by the minority groups

Hindus and even Hindu Gods are not safe in Tamil Nadu. While the Dravidian officials of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department (HR&CE) controlling the temples in the state are vying with one another in illegally disposing of the idols of the temples across the State,  the Tamil Nadu Government is bent upon destroying the vestiges of Hindu religious festivals.

The Vinayaka Chathurthi is important to the Hindus because it is this festival which brought together all Hindus to overcome and surmount the British law of 1892 which had banned the festival.

More than 6,000 idols, dating back to thousands of years have been reportedly stolen from the temples with the active connivanceof the senior officials (these antique and ancient idols command billions of US dollars in the global market). The HR&CE officials move around the State in high-end limousines and own acres and acres of farmhouses in places like Kodaikanal ( கொடைக்கானல்), Ooty(உதகமண்டலம்) and Courtallam(குற்றாலம்) purchased with the booty mobilised by “selling” Hindu Gods and temple lands. It is another story and we will discuss it later.

The news gathered by Team PGurus proves beyond any iota of doubt that Hindus could live in Tamil Nadu only under the laws and conditions prescribed and decided by the Islamic and Christian fundamentalists (Chrislamists). The Dravidianism propagated by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) and the followers of anarchist E V Ramasamy Naicker states that Hindus are second-classcitizens in Dravida Nadu.

This is no exaggeration of any kind. The events witnessed in Tamil Nadu during the last three days in connection with Vinayaka Chathurthi prove beyond doubt that Hindus could survive and the State only by the charity shown by the minority groups which are slowly and stealthily overtaking the Hindu population.

Let us come to Operation Brass-tacks. The festival season in Tamil Nadu gets going by the Tamil month of Aadi and culminates with Pongal, which falls on January 15. While the month Aadi marks festivals in various Amman (Durga) temples across the State, the month of September stands out because of Vinayaka Chathurthi, a  festival quite sentimental to anyone with a little bit of Hinduism in him/ her.

Idols of Ganesha, the removal of all obstacles and symbol of prosperity and education, are installed in public places, poojas are offered and taken out as a procession with the chanting of ‘Pillaiyaar, Pillaiyaar, Perumai vaayndha pillaiyaar’ (Pillaiyaar, Lord Ganesha, the famous one who lives under the Banyan tree). And immersed with reverence either in the nearby sea or river.

The Vinayaka Chathurthi is important to the Hindus because it is this festival which brought together all Hindus to overcome and surmount the British law of 1892 which had banned the festival. The event was revived by Balagangadhara Tilak, with the famous slogan ‘Ganapathy Bappa Moriya’ as a community festival and to inculcate the spirit of nationalism among the Indians. It has been celebrated since then with gaiety and fervour.

A police official on condition of anonymity said that Islamic domination is visible all over Shencottai though the Hindus constitute the majority

Over the years, the Dravidians at the instance of Muslims and Christians started enforcing rules and laws to kill the spirit of Vinayaka Chathurthi. The local Jamaat and Churches started dictating to the Hindus the routes through which they could take the procession to immerse the Ganesha idols. The chanting of Ganapathi Bappa… and even Bharat Matha Ki Jay was declared illegal by the police, court and the secular brigade.

On Wednesday, September 12, the serene landscape of Shencottai (செங்கோட்டை), 70 km south of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu lost its peace as threats of communal riotsloomed large over this town bordering Kerala. The 2018-2019 festival season in Tamil Nadu began in a shocking note on Saturday (September 15) as Hindus in Shenkottai municipality decided to economically and socially boycott their Muslim brethren.

The Vinayaka Chathurthi began in a tension-filled atmosphere as the idols of Vinayaka had to be immersed in the picturesque Gundar River on Friday and Saturday amidst heavy police security.

“Lord Vinayaka could not come out of temples in this town without the police escort. Even Gods are not safe here,” said Shenkottai Sriram, a writer who was born and brought up in this town.

Though there were some skirmishes between the communities in the year 2011, they were sorted out and peace was restored thanks to the timely intervention of the district administration. But over the last seven years, things have gone from bad to worse as the number of outsiders who had made Shencottai their home has increased manifold, according to a police official.

Trouble erupted his year on Wednesday as a Vinayaka idol was being brought to be installed for poojas in a locality which has some Muslim population. “Nearly a dozen Muslim families reside here and they opposed the procession with the Vinayaka statue. But there are no mosques in this particular street and their opposition was to express their dominance over the area,” said Gauthaman, a local resident.

But the intervention of the district administration and deployment of police saved the situation from getting worsened. To ensure peace, the district collector declared section 144 and this helped in maintaining law and order.

“Friday, the day of immersion, saw many incidents of rioting, stone pelting and shops being set on fire by miscreants,” said the police official. More than 30 Vinayaka statues were immersed in Gundar River. ‘By the time the devotees came back to their homes after the immersion function, someone had hurled petrol bombs at a house as well as demolished a small Vinayaka temple. This further aggravated the situation,” said Shriram.

A police official on condition of anonymity said that Islamic domination is visible all over Shencottai though the Hindus constitute the majority. “The Muslims have a commandingposition in the town’s economy and it is also discernible. But the Hindus should learn to adjust with their counterparts in other community. Isn’t it possible to avoid high decibel music and drum beating during the processions?” asked the official. He also pointed out that deployment of police during religious procession shows that the situation itself is not conducive for peace.

The rioting of the last three days resulted in many houses and business establishments owned by Hindus getting charred. Saturday saw H Raja, the BJP national secretary entering into a verbal duel as police in Puthukottai district prevented Hindus of the locality from installing Ganapthy idols under the pretext of executing orders issued by the Madras High Court.

Though the Court has not set any stringent rules for installing Ganapathy statues, the DMK fundamentalists went around the Chennai city creating a reign of terror. From next year onwards, Lord Vinayaka may have to submit an advance application form to the State Police to get a reasonably good pooja as well as immersion.


Source: https://www.pgurus.com/hindus-and-even-hindu-gods-are-not-safe-in-tamil-nadu/