Hindus are not Safe in India, Says Togadia

ROURKELA: Viswa Hindu Parishad Chief, Pravin Togadia, urged upon all Hindus to unite and fight against ‘foreign enemies’.

Addressing a Hindu Sammelan here on Friday, held on the occasion of golden jubilee year of VHP, Togadia said the Hindu community is no longer safe in the country.

Listing out a six-point agenda to protect Hindus, he demanded a law be passed in the Parliament for prevention of religious conversion and introduction of uniform civil code across the country.

“VHP would continue its fight for sending three crore Bangladeshi immigrants back to their country and defeat Islamic Jihad,” said Togadia, besides claiming that VHP in the last 10 years had prevented religious conversion of over 50 lakh Hindus. He said if conversion of Hindus continues at the present rate, the Hindu population will come down to 39 per cent from the present 79 per cent in the next 100 years.

The VHP president also said the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits were driven out from Jammu and Kashmir in the 1990s and in the next six decades, Hindus in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala would meet the same fate.

“About 40 crore Hindu families in the country earn less than `100 a day and spend a pathetic life. In the coming years at least five crore Hindu youths would have no jobs and lakhs of farmers would commit suicide owing to the prevailing political scenario,” he said, adding that the minority appeasement policy of the political class is also responsible for threatening the national security and jeopardising  interests of the Hindu community.

“About 95 lakh Muslim students get financial assistance by the Government, while Muslim pilgrims get `22,000 per head for Haj pilgrimage. But the same is not applicable for Hindus,” he said.

Source: The New Indian Express