England’s town celebrate biggest Hindu party in Bolton

The town’s biggest Hindu party

Thousands of people poured into Bolton in March 1982 to take part in what was billed as the biggest Hindu celebration the town had ever seen.

Coaches from all over the country arrived in Bolton for the massive celebrations to mark the official re-opening of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Centre in Chorley Old Road, Bolton.

More than three years work had taken place and almost £90,000 had been spent turning what was previously St Barnabas’ Church into one of the finest Hindu temples and community centre in Britain.

Such esteem was this temple held in that Hindus travelled from far and wide to pay their respects and see the work that had recently been completed.

They celebrated with local folk who were delighted to see the temple now complete.

Here we can see a group of Hindu women who are singing and clapping their hands as they take part in a procession in Bolton to mark the historic event.

Bolton has a diverse community of many different faiths and the Hindu faith is just one of those faiths we celebrate her in the town.

Source: theboltonnews.co.uk