Hindus celebrate Diwali

hindus-celebrate-diwali-1414092565-3109LAHORE: The Hindu community on Thursday celebrated Diwali – festival of lights observed on dark half of the Ashvina month of Hindu calendar – and started the day with special prayers worship deities at their homes.
Several families drew a colourful rangoli, a decorative pattern made in rice flour, in front of main doors of their homes. After morning pooja, family members and friends paid visits to each other to share happiness and blessings of the day. People also lit up small clay lamps and lined them in rows at their homes along with candles.
Children played with fireworks on rooftops of their houses in the evening. After performing Aarti, the followers of Hinduism sang Bhajans at the temple.
A colorful event was organised in this context at the Krishna Temple on Ravi Road where Hindu scholar Dr Munawar Chand informed the gathering that the festival of light celebrated victorious homecoming of Lord Rama, the protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana.
“People lit the way with oil lamps when Lord Rama along with his wife Sita returned to rule their kingdom at Ayodhya after he defeated the demon of Lanka.”
“We have a message for all those who believe in peace, brotherhood and love for all without any discrimination,” he said.
People from other religions including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and others also participated in the function.

Source: The Daily Times