Hindus fear attack during UP polls


Adil Sakhawat

Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote yesterday said it was fearing attacks on Hindus across the country during and after the upcoming Union Parishad (UP) elections, and urged the government to ensure their safety.

It also warned of stern actions if the government failed to ensure security.

Palash Kanti Dey, spokesperson for Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote, told a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity that Hindus, like the past, could face attacks on their houses, temples and idols during and after the elections. “Even Hindu women could be subjected to attack.”

“Since the 2001 general elections, there has been an increase in violence against the minorities and such incidents have now become regular phenomenons. It has now become our reality that election is another name for attacks on the religious minorities,” Palash said.

He urged the UP candidates not to blame the Hindus for election results.

Palash claimed attacks on the minority groups are carried out by defeated candidates.

“They think they failed because the Hindus did not vote for them. That is why they attack Hindu people, their residences and places of worship. But why should the Hindus be political scapegoats?”

Other leaders of the alliance alleged that Hindu candidates in many unions had been threatened and attacked.

Among others, President of the alliance Prabhash Chandra Roy and General Secretary Ananda Kumar Biswas were present.

Source: Dhaka Tribune