Hindu’s H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj brutally beaten up by police inspector for no reason

Thane (Maharashtra) : H. B. P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare (age- 31 yrs), District President of Maharashtra Warakari Mahamandal for Ratnagiri and a resident of Chiplun (Dist. Ratnagiri) was waiting at Sheel Phata in the midnight of 15th April for bus to go to Chiplun. Police Inspector (PI) Gauriprasad Chandrashekhar Hiremath who was on patrolling duty came in a police vehicle and unnecessarily accosted him. Then, PI Hiremath so brutally beat up H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj that even the ‘Tulsi-mal’ worn by him was broken. While beating him, the PI abused him in foul language talking indecently about Warakari Sampradaya which hurt religious sentiments of H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj. PI took away his cell phone, took him to police station only to beat him up again; but after H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj contacted local Warakari and Hindu activists, Hiremath rendered apology to him in writing. There is a wave of anger generated among whole Warakari Sampradaya and it has been decided that till the guilty police are not punished, matter would not be closed.

PI’s ego got hurt and he takes to beating

  1. After a program of ‘keertan’ held near rationing office in Ulhasnagar, devotees left H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj near Kashinath Hotel, Sheel Phata at 2.00 a.m. in the night.
  2. After 15 minutes, patrolling squad of Sheel Daighar Police Station reached there in their vehicle with registration No. MH- 04- AN- 977’. PI Hiremath accosted H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj from vehicle itself andabused him saying ‘xxxxxxx, you would die…..’. H. B. P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare said, “Saheb, I know that much !”
  3. It provoked Hiremath hurting his ego. He got down from the vehicle, abused H. B. P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare in a very foul language and slapped him.
  4. H. B. P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare said, “I am a Warakri. I am going to Chiplun just after finishing‘keertan’ program.” But Hiremath was in no mood to listen.
  5. Then Hiremath got in the vehicle and vehicle was started. H. B. P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare took out his cell phone and tried to contact his fellow Warakaris. Hiremath saw this and asked to reverse the vehicle.
  6. He took away cell phone from H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj and gave it to one constable accompanying him and said, “Come on, I will put you in jail.”
  7. The vehicle of patrolling squad reached Sheel Daighar Police Station. After reaching there, Hiremath once again slapped H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj 4-5 times and again abused not only Warakari Sampradaya but also used foul language about ‘keertan and faith’. He pulled out the chain worn by H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj. This inhuman beating resulted in imprinting of Hiremath’s finger marks near H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj’s ear.

Hindu activists rushed to help on hearing about the incident !

  1. At 2.40 a.m. in the night, H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj was returned his cell phone.; then he contacted localHindu activists, seekers of Sanatan Sanstha and local Chief of Warakari Sampradaya. (It is an ordeal to call all Hindu activists without any hesitation in the middle of the night;  with full faith in God ! H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj very quietly and remaining stable gave a fight against ‘Dharma-drohi’; exhibiting ideal behaviour ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
  2. H. B. P. Ajay Maharaj Patil, the public relations Chief of Thane District of Warakari Mahamandal; its Raigad District- President, H. B. P. Dhanaji Maharaj Patil; H. B. P. Atmarambuva Patil; Taluka-President from Ghot, H. B. P. Bhanudas Maharaj Patil; Thane Taluka- President, H. B. P. Ramdasbuva Chaudhary; Kalyan-Taluka Director, H. B. P. Tukaram Maharaj Patil; Thane District- Vice-President, H. B. P. Anantbuva Bhoir; H. B. P. Satyavan Maharaj Kalanj; H. B. P. Santosh Maharaj Patil; H. B. P. Pundit Maharaj Patil; H. B. P. Kisan Maharaj Jadhav; H. B. P. Ramesh Maharaj Patil; H. B. P. Jagannath Maharaj Patil; Sanatan Sanstha’s Shri. Abhay Vartak and activists of Bajarang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. rushed to police station. (Congratulations to Warakaris and Hindu activists for rushing to help H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj when he called in the middle of the night ! Such protectors of Dharma are required everywhere ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
  3. Hiremath got scared as he observed H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj contacting so many persons. First, he tried to pacify H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj through his constables; but H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj remained firm. Later, senior police officer Pawar of Hiremath also tried to pacify H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj by telling him that he was also a Warakari. (Cunning Pawar tries to save his colleague by touching emotional cord ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Then H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj asked him to take action against Hiremath.
  4. Hiremath bowed before H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj twice and said, “Maharaj, will you have mercy on me ? Will you forgive me ? If a case is filed against me, it will be insult of Warakari Sampradaya. It is said that one who surrenders, gets protection. After filing case, I will be suspended; how will it help you. I have a family; my wife and children will suffer.” (While beating H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj, Hiremath had forgotten about his Dharma. Scheming Hiremath first behaves in unrighteous manner and then, pretends to render apology in the name of Dharma when his acts boomerang on him ! It is necessary to punish such unrighteous people as per Dharma ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
  5. R. S. Pawar suggested to Hiremath that he should give his apology in writing and arrange to send H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj to Chiplun by car.
  6. H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj left from there saying that he would talk to his seniors from Warakari Sampradaya and take decision. Hiremath rendered apology in writing.
  7. It has been stated in his apology that ‘I saw one person standing on the road and asked him to stand on one side. That time, there were arguments between us and we brought him to police station to file a case against him. It was then realized that the person so brought to police station was H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj. I am, therefore, rendering apology for the foul language used by me, jostling that took place and breaking of the chain worn by him.’ (Anti-Hindu police try to save skin by pretending to render apology ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

A constable was sent by his senior officer to pacify H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj who was drunk on duty.

Hindus should not get carried away with police pretense

There is a police station 15 kms away from this police station at Khandeshwar. Police from this station hadbeaten up Warakaris attending a ‘keertan’ program. In fact, police had asked Warakaris while beating them to call their God for protection. Now, the same police, on realization of coming into trouble, are pretending to render apology. Hindus should, however, not become sentimental and should not keep quiet till such impudent police are punished. Else, their condition will become like that of King Dahir and Pruthviraj Chauhan.

Such Hindu activists are needed everywhere !

  1. All Hindu activists reached promptly at midnight from distance of 15-20 kms.
  2. Most of them had slept at around 1.00- 2.00 a.m. after Hanuman Jayanti celebrations.
  3. All of them jointly decided who among them should talk and insisted on filing of case.
  4. Policemen who were wrongly saying something to placate H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj, were explained firmly about their mistake.
  5. Nobody left police station till written apology was given.
  6. They showed readiness to gather thousands of Hindus if police did not respond in positive manner.
  7. When devout Hindus asked police what would have been their behavior if some mulla-maulavi was there in place of H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj, police had no answer.
  8. All devout Hindus learnt from ‘Kshatravrutti’, balanced state of mind and loyalty towards principles exhibited by H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj and they became active.

File cases against guilty police ! – H. B. P. Vakte Maharaj, President, Rashtreeya Warakari Sena

On behalf of Warakari Sena, we openly condemn beating of H. B. P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare. Police, who are rendering apology after beating H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj, may tomorrow beat other Warakaris and render apology; therefore, it will be wrong to pardon them. File cases against guilty police so as to have permanent curb over the police. Let them be punished. Hindus need to think that in Congress regime, why only Hindu scholars get beaten up.

Sanatan Sanstha supports H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj ! – Pujya Rajendra Shinde

(From Left) Pujya Rajan Shinde felicitating H.B.P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare
(From Left) Pujya Rajan Shinde felicitating H.B.P. Bhagavan Maharaj Kokare

Panvel (Maharashtra) : H. B. P. Bhagavan Kokare Maharaj was beaten up by police in the middle of the night but he had full faith in God and faced the situation successfully. It is an inspiring, ideal incident for every devout Hindu to learn something from the same. Sanatan Sanstha will extend support to whatever is required to be done for ‘Dharma-karya’, assured Pujya Rajednra Shinde of Sanatan Sanstha to H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj.

H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj was leaving for Chiplun; he went to Sanatan Sanstha’s ashram at Devad (Dist. Raigad), Panvel. He was felicitated by Pujya Rajendra Shinde on behalf of Sanatan by giving him a picture of Bhagavan Srikrushna for facing a difficult situation with ‘Kshatra-vrutti’.

“I will create awareness about the incident throughout the State ! –  H. B. P. Kokare Maharaj

Police beat up one Warakari and exhibited their low mentality. Warakari Sampradaya will not sit quietly till guilty police are not punished. Agitation will be staged all over the State. We will also create awareness amongst Hindus and help Hindu unification.”

Action to be taken by Hindus in case of police beating !

  • Note down names of such police and their buckle no.
  • If a Hindu activist is getting beaten up by police, he will not be in a position to write down such details; therefore,  other activists present there can note down these details.
  • If such incident takes place, inform nearest office of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat”.
  • Lodge a complaint with senior police officer against police involved in beating.
  • Follow up the matter till action is taken against such police by keeping on lodging complaint with next senior officers.


Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat