Hindus head to Vedic Society Hindu Temple for winter festival

hindu2_99.JPG-pwrt2FAMILIES from across Hampshire will be heading to a Southampton Hindu temple tonight to celebrate a winter festival.

While millions of people across a region of India celebrate the middle of winter, more than 100 people will be heading to the Vedic Society Hindu Temple.

Children will be singing from 6pm and women will be singing traditional songs from the Punjab region in Western India where the Lohri festival is celebrated.

A small bonfire will be lit outside the temple while there will be food to celebrate the new year in the financial calendar of the region.

Although the event is held at the Hindu temple in Radcliffe Road, Sikhs in Hampshire are also expected to mark the occasion and all are welcome to attend.

Karan Nayyar, who is organising the event, said: “It will be for everybody who is Indian, a celebration of the winter solstice. The following day is a new year according to the Hindi culture.

“We hope to see lots of people coming along to celebrate the event where there will be presentations.”

Although the shortest day of the year is December 21, Lohri is celebrated one month from the start of winter solstice – January 13.

Source: dailyecho.co.uk