Hindus in Joynagar stave off Islamists’ nefarious plot

Conspiracy to rout Hindus hatched months back

While the entire nation is under the spell of parliamentary election, 2014, Hindus inhabiting Durgapur in Joynagar, known for recurrent communal clashes through years, are engaged in a fiery resistance to fast increasing aggressions of Islamists in the area. On the word of people dwelling the area of Taltala of Durgapur in Joynagar within the Joynagar police station’s jurisdiction in the district of South 24 Paraganas, the crisis was initiated by an individual named Jehangir Ghazi. Jehangir Ghazi, in recent past, purchased a stretch of land behind the local Balak Sammilani Club and also alongside the land owned by Tappan Malakar, a Hindu individual. None in the village opposed Jehangir’s venture especially when he had constructed his own residence in the village. The residence of Jehangir looks like a ship and it became an attraction for all within the village and its vicinity also.

Honest Hindus in the village assumed that Jehangir was in a mood to surprise all and hence, a sense of amiability remained. But it was his bid to acquire Tapan’s land that led to the crisis reigning the entire village now. Perhaps the problem would have ended in this case too, had it been a one-man show. What got evident soon was that it was not Jehangir’s personal project but a way to increase the number of radical Muslims in the realm of Durgapur in Joynagar. This cruel reality triggered a strong reaction of Hindus who got united soon to halt this nefarious design. To halt further advances, a temple of Sri Ramchandra was built up in the very controversial land and with the permission of Tappan Malakar. Now, no stone is being left unturned to stop the dream project of Hindus. But they are determined to go on with the same come what may. The village is in a deep crisis now. The situation has been worsened owing to the political support being provided to Jehangir Ghazi to have Muslim votes en masse during election.

What makes Hindus in the area so defiant? If truth be told, Hindus within the Joynagar police station’s jurisdiction have become synonymous to “A burnt child dreads the fire”. Whether it is 2010 or 2012 or 2014, persecution of Hindus by a section of radical Muslims, backed by political endeavors, remains in full swing. If other cases are brushed aside even, how can sordid lessons in 2012 be forgotten? Following the murder of Shaukat Khan, at 7.30 am, on May 14, 2012, in the area of Ghoshalchowk, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and thus to have vengeance, Islamists made Hindus of both Taranagar and Paschim Rupnagar villages easy preys despite the veracity that Hindus were not involved with the slaying. The political feud likely to occur between CPIM and SUCI (Shukat claimed as SUCI supporter by local party leadership), hence, turned into a brazen Islamic endeavor against Hindus and police force deployed there watched the happenings barefacedly.

Hindus in Joynagar, thanks to political and secular approaches, are under threat of racial extermination always. In that case, nothing other than defiance can save them. Hindus living in Joynagar know it by heart.

Source: Hindu Samhati