Hindus Lauds Modi Govt. Scrapping of Haj Subsidy 

Hindus Laud Modi Govt. scrapping of Haj Subsidy to Muslims. Every year millions in Indian rupees is being given out of taxpayer money to provide discount to Muslim pilgrimages to perform Haj in Saudi Arabia.

This controversial allowance started by former Congress governments has now been challenged at socio political and legal levels. Hindu organizations are asking that if constitution is secular than why only to Muslims such subsidy is given, why not such subsidies are given to Hindu pilgrims.

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rahul Chandra lauds this noble move of Modi Govt. and said this action empowers gov’t philosophy of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas from his Houston office.

Swami Prateek from Bangalore congratulated his team on this victory which was a long pending demand of Hindus I.e. suspending Haj Subsidy. 

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