Hindus now have an official shaving site at Valencia River

Plans under review: Lall Bhagaloo, from left, executive member of the Maha Sabha, looks on as Terry Rondon, chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, reviews plans for a building for the Hindu shaving site on the bank of the Valencia River. Other members of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Rajkumar Bagaloo, Debbie Haris, Ravi Lakhan and Chaitram Ramnarine were present yesterday at the bank of the Valencia River, Valencia. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

Toco/Sangre Grande Re­gio­nal Corporation chairman Terry Rondon has urged users of the Valencia River to respect a cordoned-off section that will now ­officially be used as a shaving site for Trinidad’s Hindu community.
The site was officially launched yesterday following a brief ceremony by the regional corporation and the Maha Sabha.
Rondon explained that during his usual commute to work, he noticed the site was being used but the conditions surrounding it were deplorable.
He said he then opted to appeal to members of the corporation, who were all on board with the idea, and some time was spent making the place much more ­attractive than it was before.
“I am also considering fixing up an area at the Salybia beach for the Baptist community to use during their celebration.
“But in the meantime, I am calling on all members of the public who come to this area to lime on weekends to please respect the Valencia site,” said Rondon.