Hindus of Greater Houston to Honor Members at Janmashtami Celebrations

Rajkumar Sayal and Dr. S. G. Appan will receive the Lifetime Achievement Service Award presented by the Hindus of Greater Houston during the 25th annual community-wide Janmashtami celebration at George R. Brown Convention center in Houston on Saturday, Aug.23. 

Three others, Radha Dixit, Rishi Bhutada and Rahul Pandit will receive the Akhil Chopra Memorial Award in recognition of their selfless service to the Hindu community. 

A spectacular “rangoli with ice”, a 6-foot tall Lord Krishna with his cow and lotus flower in a very serene location, is bound to be the cynosure of all eyes at the Janmashtami festival. It may become an authentic picture spot as well. 
Entrance to the event is free. The program will begin at 6 p.m. and end at midnight. 

One of the most exciting attractions of the night will be the arrival of Saurabh Raj Jain, Lord Krishna from the recent TV serial Mahabharata, on a traditional life-sized chariot. 
The Mayapuris have been specially preparing for this exciting event to entice the audience with their dynamic drums, dancing, and kirtan. 

The youth will be entertained by an enthralling dandiya-raas with a special group flown in from India, Anita Pandit of X-Factor fame. 
Everyone can look forward to an excellent Dashavatar costume contest with over 100 participants. 
Along with these amazing attractions will be the award ceremony. 
Raj Syal, a pillar of the Houston Hindu community for over 50 years, will be bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award. 
Lifetime Achievement Service Award 
Raj Kumar Syal has been in Houston in 1963. He conceived the idea of celebration of Janmashtami festival in 1989 celebrating Lord Krishna and foster unity and harmony among all. He is most highly respected by all in the community and Hindus of Greater Houston periodically takes his advice and guidance. Hindus of Greater Houston thanks him for the pioneering efforts and leadership on the 25th year of celebration. He is also a joint founder of India Culture Center and Hindu Worship Society. 
Dr.S.G.Appan settled down in Houston in 1971 always ready to help and volunteer services to everyone for the last forty three years. His passion to promote growing herbs and for a number of years distributed for free Tulasi plants at the Grand Janmashtami festival in Houston. His beliefs are to value Hindu religion and utilize it to the betterment of mankind 
Akhil Chopra Memorial Service Award 
Hindus of Greater Houston appreciates their selfless service to the Hindu community. 
1. Radha Dixit served as Secretary of Hindus of Greater Houston. Salutorian from Willowridge High School, graduate from University of Houston. She grew with strong beliefs and Hindu organizations that came up in Houston in 1970s. Her father Dr. Sen Pathak, husband Bijay Dixit and children Vidha and Arman render their unstinted support in all she does and as a cancer survivor. Her message “do all your worldly duties to the best of your ability and that service to mankind is service to God”. 

Source: South Asia Mail